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Synonyms for epistasis

the suppression of a gene by the effect of an unrelated gene

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We further investigated differentially expressed genes by gene interaction network analysis.
The role of epistatic gene interactions in the response to selection and the evolution of evolvability.
Modeling genetic architecture: A multilinear theory of gene interaction.
Inference of regulatory gene interactions from expression data using three-way mutual information: John Watkinson, Kuo-ching Liang, Xiaodong Wang, Tian Zheng and Dimitris Anastassiou
In this article we describe a method for inferring an "optimal" gene interaction network from microarray-based gent expression data.
The simplest method by which random variation can be included in a gene interaction network is to assume that [X.
The method was designed to address high-dimensional data and to uncover complex relationships without relying on the models that fit multiple gene interactions in a parametric fashion (Bastone et al.
Brain-derived neurotrophic factor-5-HTTLPR gene interactions and environmental modifiers of depression in children.
Gene-on-gene People with a disease-associated variant (gray) of the gene ERAP1 show no added risk of psoriasis unless they also carry a disease-related variant of the HLA-C gene--suggesting that gene interactions may be important to heritability.
Roche Diagnostics KK obtained Japanese marketing rights to Nippon Laser & Electronic Lab's GTMAS series of DNA-chip based gene analysis machines, SPR-MACS systems for cellular and gene interactions and the ProteinArray series of protein analyzers and aims for annual sales of $16.
One is looking at genetics and genomics, at gene environment and gene interactions.
This new aspect of nutrient and gene interactions gives scientists a new perspective on viral infection, says Jacqueline Dupont, ARS national program leader for human nutrition research.
James Padbury, MD, of Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island in Providence, who is using bioinformatics and the findings of the Human Genome project to identify genetic variations and gene interactions to understand how they interact with a woman's environment to influence her risk of preterm birth.