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Synonyms for epistasis

the suppression of a gene by the effect of an unrelated gene

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05) differences between the arrays (Wr + Vr) indicating the presence of dominance and non-allelic gene interactions (Shakeel et al.
We further investigated differentially expressed genes by gene interaction network analysis.
Line had a significant impact on the percentage lodging, but there was no line x gene interaction.
Wright 1982), it appears unlikely that sufficient polymorphism for gene interaction exists within this subdivided population to provide a basis for the shifting balance process.
Predicted protein sequences, gene interactions, and ultrastructural studies of the touch receptor neurons suggest the following model for mechanosensation in these cells (Gu et al.
However, (2) is conceptually different from Kauffman's models in that a specific type of gene interaction, namely transcriptional regulation, is considered.
Regarding gene interactions, only dominance x dominance type of non allelic interaction was found for 100-grain.
Prediction of Pair-wise Gene Interaction Using Threshold Logic: Tejaswi Gowda, Sarma Vrudhul, and Seungchan Kim
This reasoning is analogous to that used in explaining the roll of linkats and complementary gene interaction in progressive heterosis of tetraploid alfalfa (Bingham, 1983) and in the increased yield associated with tetraploid versus diploid alfalfa (Bingham et al.
Sewall Wright: gene interaction and the shifting-balance theory.
The analysis of gene interaction characterizes whether or not multiple genes influence a particular genetic trait.
Various concepts of gene interaction or epistasis have been used in quantitative genetics, and its definition was recently extended even to the interaction between different genes each from a different individual (Wolf, 2000).