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Synonyms for duplication

Synonyms for duplication

a copy that corresponds to an original exactly

the act of copying or making a duplicate (or duplicates) of something


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It allows detection of 11 of the most relevant polymorphic positions, the assessment of whole-gene deletion and duplication, and unlike most available typing methods, the allele composition of the gene duplication.
No individuals homozygous for gene duplication or for CYP2D6 gene amplification were identified in the study population.
Gel electrophoresis results for the products of the real-time PCR corresponded completely with gel electrophoresis results for conventional PCR to detect gene deletion and gene duplication.
Genotyping comprised CYP2D6*2-*12, *14, *15, *17, *18, *29, *40, and *42 as well as *1, *2, and *4 gene duplications.
Frequent occurrence of CYP2D6 gene duplication in Saudi Arabians.
For alleles with the CYP2D6X2 gene duplication, an ~10-kb fragment was produced, which was subsequently used as template (diluted 1:100 000) for the ASA to detect the C188T mutation.
Geneticist David Serre of the Cleveland Clinic and others obtained 189 samples of vivax malaria parasites that had infected people in Madagascar and found 100 with the gene duplication.
If we can work out why gene duplication in this region causes thinness, it might throw up new potential treatments for obesity and appetite disorders.
These gene duplication events apparently give plants some of the genetic versatility they need to stay adapted to shifting environments.
Since gene duplication with subsequent interaction divergence is one of the primary driving forces in the evolution of genetic systems and little is known about the precise mechanisms and the role of duplication divergence in evolution, these observations might prove beneficial to infer evolution of medically important genes in different taxa.
Genetic sources of phenotypic variation include all those processes altering the structure and composition of the genetic material of an individual (mutations at the gene and chromosome levels, gene duplication, gene flow, and genetic drift).
Researchers in a wide range of biological sciences seize the moment by discussing such topics as understanding gene duplication through biochemistry and population genetics, myths and realities of gene duplication, statistical methods for detecting the functional divergence of gene families, the energy and material cost of gene duplication, evolutionary and functional aspects of genetic redundancy, gene and genome duplication in plants, and whole-genome duplications and the radiation of vertebrates.
About 1,200 different protein domains are known; they are used in many different combinations, thus defining many gene families that developed through gene duplication.
cynomolgi SSU rRNA genes has indicated that the genes appear to have evolved as a result of 2 gene duplication events (10).