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United States prizefighter who won the world heavyweight championship by defeating Jack Dempsey twice (1898-1978)

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The Irish heavyweight champ came within a whisker of fighting the legendary American fighter Gene Tunney.
He was once described by former heavyweight champion Gene Tunney as `the greatest fighter I ever saw'.
Jack Dempsey, Gene Tunney, Jim Braddock, Jim Corbett and others all played their part in establishing a tradition that did much to create and reinforce a positive image of the Irish abroad.
History has been kind to Rocky Marciano and Gene Tunney, the two other men who succeeded in walking away on top.
John's fourth boxing book, a biography of Gene Tunney, is due out next month.
In the seventh round Jack Dempsey knocked down Gene Tunney and stood over his opponent, but referee Dave Barry refused to start the count until Dempsey had retreated to a neutral corner.
Gene Tunney, who ended Dempsey's career, beat Tom Heeney in what turned out to be his last fight with Dempsey in Heeney's corner.
He had lived in Northern Maine for many years and one of his best-known writings was the story relative to Gene Tunney, the former heavyweight boxing champion of the world.
A limited number of items relating to Frank Bruno, Gene Tunney, Joe Frazier, Charlie Magri and Prince Naseem Hamad are also in this Bonhams'' sale.
Although included on Rosenthal's lists, Gene Tunney is much underrated.
He finally lost his title to Gene Tunney five years later but it was their 1927 rematch which entered boxing folklore.
Sullivan, Jack Dempsey, Gene Tunney, Barry McGuigan, Freddie Gilroy, Bobby Cassidy, Gerry Cooney and Wayne McCullough.
His greatest victory was over future heavyweight champ Gene Tunney in an American light heavyweight title bout, the only loss of Tunney's career, and was world middleweight champ for three years.
Was Gene Tunney undefeated as world heavyweight champ when he retired?
The Wild Bull returned to Buenos Aires with his $156,250 purse, while Dempsey, half a million dollars richer, rested and rusted for three years before losing his title to Gene Tunney.