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United States dancer who performed in many musical films (1912-1996)

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CLASSIC: Gene Kelly stars in the enduring favourite Singin' in the Rain, BBC2, 1.
ATHE 1952 musical is most famous for the iconic scene where star Gene Kelly dances along a rain-lashed street, umbrella in hand, singing the lm's title song.
While not matching Gene Kelly, which is almost certainly impossible to do on stage, he comes close.
The actress and dancer gained fame through her film robes alongside Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly in The Band Wagon and Singin' in the Rain, respectively.
CYD Charisse, the long-legged beauty who starred in MGM musicals with Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, died today in Los Angeles, aged 86.
The big beat version of the song, which was originally made famous by Gene Kelly, knocked R&B singer Rihanna off the top spot, with her single, Take A Bow now number two.
Brothers Wayne and Gene Kelly (Pat's dad and uncle, respectively) bought Chelan Hardware from Jim Reed in 1958.
His publications include A Talent To Amuse - The Life of Noel Coward, The Stephen Sondheim Songbook and The Noel Coward Diaries, plus biographies of Dirk Bogarde, Gene Kelly and Sir John Gielgud.
All you need, apparently, is a qualified instructor (in this case, played by Mary Steenburgen) rock-stepping friskily around you, the drug kicks in, and the most left-footed of hoofers becomes Gene Kelly in spirit if not in body.
Gene Kelly allayed the fears of concerned parents Ron and Nancy Reagan by reassuring them that "not all ballet dancers are homosexual.
She is working on a book on dance in the film musicals of Vincente Minnelli, Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen, along with a full-length biography of Ninette de Valois.
In the latest, Paula Abdul dances a duet with a young Gene Kelly.
Following last year's successful Volume 1 (It's Always Fair Weather, Summer Stock, Three Little Words, Till the Clouds Roll By, and Ziegfeld Follies), this second spectacular collection of the fabled studio's vintage musicals features some of the most memorable numbers by the greatest stars of the genre, top-lined by the Hollywood musical's golden trio of immortal legends -- Judy Garland, Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly.
Louis channels Gene Kelly, left, in Singin' in the Rain
FAT MAN DANCING Fat man goes dancing in his dreams while listening to a karaoke queen in his mind he's Lionel Blair Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire Fat man takes to the floor central attraction under glitter ball He's deluded because he thinks he's a disco king elegantly dressed, a thin young thing He's caught Saturday Night Fever after downing half a dozen pints Believes he's adored by all the ageing chicks Fatman goes dancing in his dreams while listening to a karaoke queen John Travolta you've been outclassed, out-danced, you've met your match, you are the past Fat man goes dancing with a karaoke queen this is his passion, this is his scene and who are we to rob him of all his dreams by Mr D.