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the overt expression of attitudes that indicate to others the degree of your maleness or femaleness

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Similarly, past research on sex differences in sport fan motivation could be advanced by comparing the variance in specific motives accounted for by anatomical sex and gender roles.
22) The recommendations call for programs to have culturally sensitive, nonjudgmental staff; emphasize education and support high aspirations; be responsive to Hispanic subgroup differences; involve parents, families and male partners; and recognize cultural values regarding gender roles.
School counselors need to focus on the role of schools as socializing agents of rigid gender roles.
Search statement: gender roles and marital satisfaction
Either women and men are both free of the prison of gender roles or neither is free.
And it has used 9/II as an opportunity to promote their familiar ideal, the 19505 nuclear family with defined gender roles and identities.
Because the situation of women in today's world seems so profoundly different from their situation in earlier centuries, the following analogy suggests itself as one reads Luther's comments on gender roles in his interpretation of Genesis: Just as the biblical tradition is no longer an authoritative source of information about the age and the origin of the world, it can no longer be quarried for normative assertions about gender relations.
Thus, gender identity is about comfort or discomfort within the established gender roles of society.
This is not to deny that controversial notions of traditional gender roles in society vis-a-vis their place on the scale of equality discourse remain central, yet critical, in the discursive positioning of women.
It was found that although females--and, to a certain extent, those with a feminine gender role--scored higher than males on the AEI items, there was a significant difference between the genders and gender roles only for fear of the anomalous.
Furthermore, children who view programs with non-traditional gender roles tend to have non-traditional gender role perceptions (Rosenwasser, Lingenfelter, & Harrington, 1989).
During that process the investigators asked about food consumption, attitudes toward foods, dieting behaviors, concerns about personal appearance, vegetarian status, gender roles, attitudes toward the environment, and vegetarian views and experiences.
Parents who espouse an egalitarian attitude regarding gender roles are more likely to foster this attitude in their children.
To demonstrate this further the first chapter concentrates on gender roles and drink in Egypt, providing a comparison with European attitudes to drink and drinking and illustrating how any cultural group can be compared to another by its attitudes to alcohol.
But the word "Dada" evokes a truth about lesbian parenting that opponents violently condemn: Two women can raise children in a home together and challenge the very idea that gender roles, or gender expression, are irrevocably matched to biological gender.