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the overt expression of attitudes that indicate to others the degree of your maleness or femaleness

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Individualized Analysis: Harm to Both Men and Women from Forced Adherence to a Gender Paradigm that Legitimizes Social Norms that Devalue Women
Following Gray's gender paradigm, a man actually enters his cave.
Unlike other writers in the book, she also moves off the gender paradigm by suggesting that the real issues in organizational communications are not whether a "soft" (and, by implication, female) versus "hard" (male) means of communicating and getting feedback are preferable but how power flows both up and down within the system to permit, block, distort or clarify communications, with gender as a variable in such an analysis.
Not surprisingly, women who break through the established gender paradigm are carefully dressed in full hijab (Islamic dress code), invoking models of liberated women from an Islamic past, while adhering closely to Islamic values.
Her focus, in part, has been upon understanding how the gender paradigms of the indigenous peoples of continental Europe (whom she calls the "old Europeans") and those of the proto-Indo-European peoples (whom she calls "Kurgans"), who moved across the European continent displacing and absorbing the old Europeans, interacted.