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the overt expression of attitudes that indicate to others the degree of your maleness or femaleness

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The harmful reality of absurd gender norms is they create an inter generational culture of bullying, rigorous conformity to bs rules, and sexist expectations.
15 ( ANI ): Gender norms pose the greatest barriers to use of technology, particularly in rural areas, according to Ankhi Das, Director for Public Policy for Facebook in India.
In contrast to the old evolutionary psychology theories, we do not possess rigidly hard-wired and utterly distinct male and female brains, doomed to eternally repeat the supposed gender norms of some distant era in the Pleistocene.
This novel impeccably weaves in LGBTQ issues, turns binary gender norms on their head, and presents the true cost of war in human terms.
The topics covered include monsters as instructors, the normalization of strangers or the "other," fostering gender norms, and therapeutic monsters, among others.
This ethnographic work addresses women performing as dalang (puppeteers) in Balinese wayang kulit (shadow play) performances, an activity that disrupts gender norms.
Stopping prejudice and violence spurred by perceived transgressions of gender norms is crucially important for transgender people, but it's also bigger than this population.
In a recent episode, Peter Capaldi explained Time Lords are beyond gender norms and stereotypes.
To feel at home in opportunity-rich areas, you've got to understand the right barre techniques, sport the right baby carrier, have the right podcast, food truck, tea, wine and Pilates tastes, not to mention possess the right attitudes about David Foster Wallace, child-rearing, gender norms and intersectionality," he continued.
The goal is not to assign specific behaviors to either gender, but rather to analyze how studio culture asks us to both perform and reject gender norms and create a condition in which women are constantly encountering barriers that prevent self-determination.
Jewish gender norms were a source of pain in my life since I was a child.
It tells of navigating life in a world that does not easily bend for people whose image does not fit neatly into societal gender norms.
Not only did the MTV Awards remove gender from its award categories, the event also defied gender norms in other ways.
Traditional gender norms codifying males and females as active vs.
The boy explains the bindi's significance with great depth of meaning, and the characters' disregard of gender norms and their embracing of differences add greatly to the story's value.