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the overt expression of attitudes that indicate to others the degree of your maleness or femaleness

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Recent years have seen a substantial change in how children who challenge gender norms (whom I will call Gender Independent) are regarded by professionals, by their families and by the public at large.
The main purpose of this study is to explore whether adolescents use gay-related name-calling as a response to the violation of gender norms by boys more frequently than as a response to disliked or stupid behaviour, in order to criticise, hurt or put someone down, in order to tease in a nice way, and as a reference to actual or suspected sexual orientation.
Drury added that it doesn't matter whether boys are present or not, if children feel a lot of pressure to conform to gender norms then it follows that being gender atypical in that environment is going to be difficult.
investigate the actions of women at war, challenging gender norms.
Both girls, as well as other strong street girls, are absolutely aware of the gender norms they are supposed to fit in.
Did postwar Hadassah women actually understand their work as challenging traditional gender norms, or is it that scholars are discovering, through work such as Brautbar's, that traditional categories of appropriate gender behavior were more capacious than we realized?
One parent was especially appreciative of the chance to explore and uproot strictly defined cultural gender norms.
Gender liberation" is a new movement in the schools, with the goal of "liberating" children of gender norms.
Here each dancer may choose to maintain rigid gender norms or negotiate a fluid yin/yang of expression.
People who don't conform to gender norms and enjoy cross-dressing are one such group.
The researchers found that the nonheterosexual youth in the study were more likely to violate gender norms for behavior, feelings, activities, and interests, but so did some heterosexual youth.
Our courts might be spurring social progress for those who don't conform to gender norms, but for many like Pramanik, real life remains a harrowing landscape of abuse.
How did gender norms shape the way that patients and doctors related to one another?
Volunteers will be "equipped with the skills to challenge restrictive gender norms and define how YOU want to be a man," says the literature.
3) Gender norms have also changed far less than feminist reformers