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Synonyms for gender



Synonyms for gender

a grammatical category in inflected languages governing the agreement between nouns and pronouns and adjectives

the properties that distinguish organisms on the basis of their reproductive roles

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GAD budget aims to address gender issues identified within the agency's mandate geared towards the realization of women empowerment and gender equality," she said.
To borrow Havel's words, we can endeavour to make the NAW"a soul of the soul" of Black women's gender issues - in all their diversity - as we continue to embrace our mantra: To inspire rather than impose; To expertly advise rather than dictate; To tastefully portray our diverse beauty, rather than cheapen it
The research studies should clearly illustrate what the gender issues that the PRSP should be addressing are.
Managing adolescents with gender issues includes treating the comorbid conditions (if any) first, and then educating the patient about the realities of a sex change.
This is not the case at UNBC, Gender issues are central to the establishment of all the programs at the university.
They hoped to replace hegemonic Christianity with a rational, humane religion free from superstition and dogma, One might expect, therefore, that all freethinkers were progressive on gender issues, but their commitment to rationalism complicated their views of gender.
It's only when an issue is framed as a gender issue that female disadvantage tends to be magnified and male disadvantage to become invisible.
The gender issue thus becomes the issue of what is taken to be "sexuality": what sex means and what is meant by sex, when, how, and with whom and with what consequences to whom.
The gender issue has a leading presence in framing national policy documents.
turned evil because it's evil to want revenge; and she's a female played by a male [in Ronald Hynd's Seattle staging of the ballet] so there is the gender issue.
She stated that Takamol began to focus on the issue of "Gender" few years ago, and that the integration of youth with the gender issue has always presented a challenge.
It is a taboo to pick up this angle especially by women but nevertheless I find it an interesting side to gender issues and activity in Nepal on the occasion of the International Women's Day today.
This filmography for students and scholars analyzes 56 modern feature films that deal with gender issues in Muslim culture in contemporary times.
10 (SUNA) The state's joint committee for combating violence against gender, with collaboration with United Nation, and the national and international organization has celebrated the conclusion of the 16 th days campaign for the support of gender issues and the inauguration of the women development projects in Ka'as locality in south Darfur state under the motto (together, for education and health care to achieve a sustainable development).
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