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sexual discrimination

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discriminatory or abusive behavior towards members of the opposite sex

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The verdict, dated October 16, refers to dozens of its own judgments since the 1990s in order to record the Supreme Court's growing realisation that gender discrimination is a violation of the constitutional rights of women.
The court is also asked to rule BSNC's employment policies, practices and procedures that establish gender discrimination are illegal and in violation of the rights of the Class Representatives and Class members; to issue a permanent injunction preventing the company from continuing to engage in these unlawful practices; and to order BSNC to initiate and implement programs that provide equal employment opportunities for female employees and remedy the effects of its past and current gender discrimination.
Paul Devoy, head of IIP, said: "The level of perceived gender discrimination our report has uncovered is worryingly high.
And therein, she suggests, lies the heart of the matter: gender discrimination is cultural and, in Cyprus, perpetrated as much by women as by men.
Amidst all socially related fears and chaos as well as threats of gender discrimination, Pakistani women are relatively better than their counterparts in other countries of South Asia.
I think the most surprising thing is how often men act like there is no gender discrimination in hiring or promotions, or even that women are hired or promoted
The country has enshrined the norms and standards of equality of men and women in the national legislation realizing importance of establishment of conditions necessary for elimination of gender discrimination and creation of equal opportunities for women in all spheres of life.
The second gender discrimination taking place affects the foreign spouse of the Saudi: Whereas the Saudi male spouse is able to grant his foreign wife his nationality once she bears him a son -- or after 5 years of marriage if she chooses to do so; A Saudi female spouse is never able to provide that same right to her foreign spouse unless he qualifies to do so based on the complex point system noted in the website of the Ministry of Interior.
The Spy with the Wooden Leg" is a biography of Virginia Hall, a Baltimorean woman who jumped at the chance to serve the Allies in World War II, overcoming gender discrimination and a wooden foot in the process.
She must also deal with another difficult reality: that she is a woman in a profession almost completely saturated with males, a scenario that she says has forced her to endure considerable gender discrimination.
ISLAMABAD, April 16, 2011 (Frontier Star): National Press Club (NPC) will hold a two-day conference on gender discrimination and capacity building of female journalist from April 16 (Saturday).
Mr O'Kelly argued this amounted to gender discrimination which was arbitrary and disproportionate to the objective of the Act.
The Bulgarian men obviously feel they are more discriminated than women, as most of the signals concerning gender discrimination in the country's special commission on the subject are filed by 'the stronger sex'.
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