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sexual discrimination

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discriminatory or abusive behavior towards members of the opposite sex

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Many people would argue that to have such a preference is to have a gender bias and to have a gender bias is wrong.
The committee was created last year by President Bill Schifino after a survey by the Young Lawyers Division showed many women lawyers reporting they encounter instances of gender bias in their professional lives.
Fortunately, the cost of doing nothing is too high for any business-and economies as a whole-to bear, which is why we are optimistic that eliminating gender bias at work is possible.
BGU's study was also able to associate physician gender bias in how patients arrived and were assigned at the hospital.
Other actions include reviewing Bar rules to see if any additional rules or policies are needed and establishing a confidential means for lawyers to report instances of gender bias.
That said," McShane wrote, "nothing in the complaint or incorporated documents suggests that the actions of the university were motivated by gender bias or that the university deprived (the players) of a due process right.
Working Paper | Gender-based violence and gender bias in schooling decision (/publication/gender-based-violence-and-gender-bias-schooling-decision)
O'Rourke stressed he hasn't seen evidence of gender bias among his credit union clients -- they hire based on talent, not gender, he said.
The bonus should be determined by average gender bias in teaching evaluations at their institution or national averages.
Gender Bias in Mystery and Romance Novel Publishing
Identifying generational perspectives and gender bias.
1 million in supplemental funding to counter gender bias in medical research.
During the visit VC said that gender equity is the need of time, we are committed to eradicate gender bias and discrimination.
During those 25 years, I can suggest some reasons for the differences in salaries other than gender bias.
In many ways, society today is turning away from gender bias and sexism more than at any other time in history.