sex segregation

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the traditional Hindu or Muslim system of keeping women secluded


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At a London meeting organised in the houses of parliament by Lord Avebury, vice chairman of the Parliamentary Human Rights Group on Saudi Arabia's Gender Apartheid, Al-Ahmed said that Saudi women suffer more in terms of political and social rights and access to sports than black people in South Africa under the apartheid regime.
In a contrasting and riveting response, Duke Film, Literature and Women's Studies Professor Negar Mottahedeh proposed 'Brainquake', encouraging women to show off their "resumes, CVs, honours, prizes, accomplishments" through new media including Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Facebook, because the Islamic Republic of Iran is "afraid of women's abilities to push for change", and to thrive despite gender apartheid.
Some women are in prison because they have campaigned for an end to gender apartheid.
The building is divided into separate halves for females and males, and we teach the sexes separately--a sort of gender apartheid.
In the chapter of her book entitled "The One-Sided Feminist Academy," she tells of feminist academicians who side with the Arab world against Israel and America, thus in effect "choosing tyranny and gender apartheid over democracy and human rights for women.
While Pope Benedict XVI served in his former job as head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, he affirmed the Roman Catholic church's practice of gender apartheid in its selection of males-only for priesthood.
Below the image and its accompanying text on gender apartheid is a final photograph.
MATT O'CONNOR, founder of Fathers4Justice, which supported Simon Clayton during his time in custody, claimed the sentencing was an example of gender apartheid, and that Clayton had been made a scapegoat.
193 (2001); Talya Friedman, Comment, Cures to the Enigmatic Taliban Plague: Legal and Social Remedies Addressing Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan, 23 LOY.
To dictate like this to women is gender apartheid, and it is an insult to all women.
She has been pressing their case for nearly five years as national chair of the Feminist Majority Foundation's Campaign to Stop Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan.
It is this essential aspect of racial apartheid, which is perfectly replicated in gender apartheid, where although there may be a high degree of adherence to the rule of law women are not equal in law.
The petition also criticizes Unocal for "dealing with the extremist Taliban militia of Afghanistan to build a pipeline across that country" despite the Taliban's imposition of "the world's most severe gender apartheid upon women.
Vice President and General Counsel, Lilly USA -- Mavis Leno, Chair, Feminist Majority's Campaign to Stop Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan -- Dr.
These attacks are motivated by a culture of misogyny and repression towards women that is a direct result of the ruling regimes and its policy of gender apartheid.
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