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Synonyms for gemination

the doubling of a word or phrase (as for rhetorical effect)

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the act of copying or making a duplicate (or duplicates) of something


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The duration of a closed syllable rhyme was calculated by measuring the duration of the vowel and the part of the geminate consonant or consonant cluster preceding the syllable boundary.
Long vowels were treated as VV short vowel as V geminate consonants as CC while singleton consonants were marked as C.
The analysed text obviously also contains items in which <CC> digraphs originally represented final geminate consonants.
Examples of words where geminate consonants appear in Fula, as given in Paradis (1992: 171), are shown below.
Primary acoustic correlates of stop geminates are: shortening of pre-consonant vowel, lengthening of the closure duration and geminate consonant.
lap' a'] (1) 'flat') should be regarded as acceptable, whereas a word with a geminate consonant (e.
Later this change progressed further so that sometimes a lengthened consonant approached the length of an original geminate consonant.
0 505 average 55 46 75 Table 7 Syllable durations, standard deviations (ms), and S1/S2 duration ratios in disyllabic words containing a short voiceless geminate consonant or consonant cluster and a half-long vowel in the second syllable (8 speakers) CVC.
Since geminate consonants are moraic (Hayes 1989; Watson 2002; Davis 2011), they add to the weight of the word and make it eligible to receive stress, as in: jakk < jaek 'jack', blikk < blpk 'block', dimm < dim 'dim', sill < sil 'shell'.
The language has no geminate consonants, but the sequence nasal + voiced stop is realized as a geminate nasal.