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the second part of the Talmud consisting primarily of commentary on the Mishna

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Draw for Tuesday's final 1 Ballaghboy Grump, 2 Gemara (m), 3 Kilmead Charm (m), Clash Peggy (m), 5 Master Geoff (m), 6 Farrany Fizz (w).
At 94b, the gemara tells us that Isaiah 8:23 was an oracle intended to tell Sennacherib which Israelites he should attack and which he should leave alone.
Another time he told me he could study a blatt Gemara bareheaded.
At the same time a foreign language could be used in the exploration and formulation of Judaism: Aramaic was the language of the Gemara, Philo expounded his Jewish philosophy in Greek, medieval philosophers wrote in Arabic, the revival of Jewish studies in the nineteenth century became manifest in German, and many a work on Judaism has been published in English in more recent times.
Tenderly handled by Johnny Murtagh on that occasion, Looking Lovely should improve significantly from the experience and has obvious prospects in this six-furlong event with Kevin Perndergast's debutant Gemara.
Grammar for Gemara and Targum Onkelos: An Introduction to Aramaic.
Citing numerous sources from mesechta Megillah in the Gemara as well as historical proof, we get a rare glimpse into the inner machinations of the mind of Achashverosh, the faith-based motivations of Queen Esther and Mordechai and the hatching of Haman's diabolical scheme of annihilation of the Jewish people.
the Torah which, supplemented by the Gemara ("completion"),
They claimed their first outdoor trophy when defeating near neighbours Norton in the Gemara Cup by 61 runs.
Their legacy in the Gemara of a halachic life can identify a Jew anywhere, differences, traditions, customs notwithstanding.
The Gemara [a collection of rabbinical commentaries and analysis in the Talmud] says that one of the reasons earthquakes happen - which the Knesset legitimizes - is homosexuality," stated Benizri.
The Patriots filled out their eight-man practice squad by signing linebacker Kyle Bissinger and cornerback Gemara Williams.
Rabbinic commentators further explained both the written and oral law in a book called Gemara.
The rabbinic dialectic of the Gemara richly adorned the supreme value of public prayer with a nimbus of pious precepts.
The Bible is referred to as the Written Law, as contrasted with the Oral Law, a set of rabbinic commentaries on the Bible including the Mishna and Gemara, which together constitute the Talmud.