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My wife was studying for a law degree and she would take Gelsemium 30C to reduce her stress and anxiety about exams," he recalls.
Indeed, many herbs are restricted to prescription only, for example lobelia, comfrey, gelsemium and mistletoe.
Oz suggested those looking for a homeopathic remedy consider gelsemium.
Many more herbs are listed on the different schedules including Gelsemium, Convallaria, Ammi visnaga, Rauwolfia, Lobelia, Arnica and of course Digitalis and Ephedra.
I use remedies such as Ruta grav, which helps treat sprained ligaments, Gelsemium for pre-race jitters, Arnica for bruising and Bellis perennis to treat exertion.
Coffea cruda Will help bring sleep to a busy mind that can't turn itself off and hears every sound and feels every sensation intensely Gelsemium Great anticipatory anxiety.
Gelsemium sempervirens: Use to relieve headache and pain of the upper back and neck, which extends over the head and for dizziness and numbness.
GELSEMIUM Tremors, debility, drowsiness, vertigo, nausea, neck pain, visual disturbances and ptosis of the upper eyelids may be seen here.
Working on multiple floral visitors, Adler and Irwin [26] observed that Xylocopa, Osmia and Habropoda carried the most Gelsemium sempervirens (Carolina jessamine; Loganiaceae) pollen, followed by Bombus and Apis.
In Ellingwood's Therapeutist of 1908, it is reported that gelsiminine from Gelsemium sempervirens (yellow jasmine) 'will check the hot flashes that occur during or after the menopause in nervous, plethoric or relaxed women at a dose of 1/250 grain' (Dougherty-Trexler 1908) and elsewhere a single dose of 'ten drops of specific gelsemium, if necessary followed up by 3 drop doses every hour is excellent for the hot flashes that are apt to occur during the menopause' (Henschen 1908).
Studying foraging preferences in the blueberry bee, Habropoda laboriosa, Pascarella (29) used the field station as rural site in a comparative study looking at foraging preferences for various species of Vaccinium, Gelsemium and Azalea, in rural, suburban, and urban habitats.
Pinus, Abies y Liquidambar; trepadoras de especies como: Archibaccharis, Celastrus, Clematis, Gelsemium, Parthenocissus, Philadelphus, Rhus, Smilax y Vitis; arbustos de especies como: Oreopanax, Topobea, Fuchsia, Clusia, Juanulloa, Solandra; pteridofitas de numerosas especies de Lycopodium, de Selaginella, de Hymenophyllaceae y de Cyatheaceae; musgos de los generos: Anomodon, Homalia, Papillaria, Pilotrichella, Porotrichum, Prionodon, Rhizogonium y Schloteimia; hongos superiores de los generos: Amanita, Scleroderma, Schizophyllum, Ganoderma, Leotia, Lenzites, Boletus, Linderiella, Auricularia, Russula, Lactarius, Oudumansiella, Dictyopanus, Gyrodon, Psilocybe y Calostoma.
MEDICAMENTO B (1,1 ml ampolla) Colocynthis D4; Ammonium bromatum D4; Atropinum sulfuricum D6; Veratrum D6; Magnesium Phosphoricum D6; Gelsemium D6 ana Passiflora incarnate D2; Agaricus D4; Chamomilla D3; Cuprum sulfuricum D6 ana 0,55[micron]l, Aconitum 6 2,2[micron].
is at hand for the anticipation of exams particularly if you're running to the loo often, while gelsemium is brilliant to keep the concentration up.
In 1918, the most common remedies used for influenza were Rhus-t, Bryonia, and Gelsemium.