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United States physicist noted for his studies of subatomic particles (born in 1929)

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Depuis Gell-Mann, on a rajoute trois quarks au modele standard et les experiences du CERN auront surement un impact sur la prochaine version de celui-ci.
The third stream of thought is the work around complex adaptive systems (CAS) developed mainly by Gell-Mann (1994, 1995) and Holland (1992, 1995).
Pero bueno, recordemos que esa es solamente la lectura que del principio de complementariedad de Bohr realiza Volpi, y que la mayoria de los autores consultados hablan de este concepto en terminos de complementariedad entre mecanica de particulas y mecanica ondulatoria (Rosenblum y Kuttner [2011], Hawkins y Mlodinow [2010], Gell-Mann [2007]).
After the Introduction, which contains important claims about Cao's constructive structural realism and the outline of the main structural steps in the development of QCD, Chapter 2 sets the experimental and theoretical context in which Gell-Mann (a central figure in the history of QCD, around which important parts of Cao's book revolve) proposed the current algebra framework for hadron physics, with the notion of (SU(3)) symmetry at its heart.
Here, physicist Murray Gell-Mann states that complexity, defined as "the edge of chaos," is at its maximum between the extremities of order and disorder.
When at Caltech in the 1950s and 1960s, Feynman enjoyed a hyperactive collaboration with future Nobelist Murray Gell-Mann as they studied the "weak interaction" that causes subatomic particles to decay.
In this fascinating, well-written overview, Brennan offers biographical sketches of seven great 20th-century scientists: Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Ernest Rutherford, Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg, Richard Feynman, and Murray Gell-Mann.
Em resumo, sao sistemas que aprendem e inovam, a partir do que aprenderam (Axelrod & Cohen, 2000; Gell-Mann, 1996; Holland, 1997; Stacey, 1996).
La teoria gauge para las interacciones fuertes, denominada cromodinamica cuantica, corresponde a Murray Gell-Mann y se desarrollo por los anos 1973.
The portraits of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Cormac McCarthy and Nobel Prizewinning physicist Murray Gell-Mann were painted three years ago when Tift was visiting Santa Fe, New Mexico, at the invitation of a commercial gallery there.
From the subatomic level to levels that are easily observable, the recursive relationships between entities are always in movement (Bateson, 1972; Gell-Mann, 1994).
For more than thirty years, string theory has been what Murray Gell-Mann called "the only game in town.
Murray Gell-Mann was born in New York City on September 15, 1929.
Abraham, 1994; Capra, 2002; Csikszentmihalyi, 1993; Gell-Mann, 1994; Shaw, 2002; Stacey, 1996, 2001; Streatfield, 2001; Wheatley, 1992).
Leading theoretical physicist and presidential science adviser Murray Gell-Mann said he had helped mastermind a break-in into the tomb while at Yale.