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counter tube that detects ionizing radiations

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Ignoring the "steady whine" of their moral Geiger counters, the U.
This series is so laden with coded queer appeal (and sexy stars) that it puts our cinematic Geiger counters into a frenzy [see page 44].
The film sets out its bloodthirsty intentions from the opening scene, with scientists in biohazard suits walking around the barren landscape of New Mexico, armed with Geiger counters.
When people came to visit us from Chernobyl the only thing they wanted to take back with them were Geiger counters to test their food.
A search of the man's luggage showed that he was carrying items including a Taser, ammunition, pepper spray, a bulletproof vest and three Geiger counters in his luggage.
The Indications staff salutes this development, and we hope that Washington police officers will be among the first to pack the cellular version of Cold War Geiger counters.
We're supposed to go out on the lake and tell people," obtain geiger counters after a rendezvous on Highway 64, and report back measurements.
The National Research Council loaned Spinks the basic equipment to work with radioisotopes: a scaler, several Geiger counters, some lead bricks, and a 250 mg radium-beryllium neutron souce that could be used to make small amounts of radioisotopes.
Its destructive power would depend upon the size of both elements, but antiterrorism experts described it as a 'pure terror weapon' - it would not kill thousands but any bomb that killed people and set off Geiger counters would terrify an entire city.
2) Investigators use geiger counters to look for radioactive hot spots after a car carrying radioactive medicine crashed on the Glendale Freeway.
Handheld detection devices, sometimes referred to as Geiger counters, are appropriate for analyzing small amounts of scrap at close range, while small area units can be mounted to analyze small trucks and containers, though neither is sufficient to detect radiation in a large truckload of scrap.
And they sent a monitoring team armed with geiger counters to find out if ex- Dounreay director Gerry Jordan's garden GLOWS.
For example, the authors describe community concerns over media reports of increased cancer in the area and state personnel dressed in "moon suits" carrying instruments that look like Geiger counters.