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counter tube that detects ionizing radiations

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The Geiger counter tests for radiation and the electromagnetic frequency (EMF) reader monitors different types of energy.
While searching for the Germans near Toulouse, France, Augustine turned on the Geiger counter that he had brought along.
Armed with a dosimeter (to measure total exposure to radiation), Geiger counter (measuring radiation in the atmosphere) and a protective suit and mask (to lessen direct exposure in dangerous areas) I headed to the Eastern prefecture, about 200 miles north-east of Tokyo, stopping to talk to two Welsh women now living in the Far East.
Slavchev said that the representatives of the Economy Ministry and of the Regional Inspectorate for the Preservation and Control of Public Health (RIOKOZ) had done nothing further than measure radiation with a Geiger counter.
So next time you visit the produce aisle in Japan, don't forget your Geiger counter.
When a gate between the Geiger counter and the four-step switch opened, the next particle that reached the Geiger counter stopped the switch in one of its four positions and illuminated the lamp corresponding to that position.
Most people think a Geiger counter is expensive to make or difficult to get.
Later Peterson documented evidence of DU in Baghdad after the 2003 war, checking "hot spots" around battle debris with a Geiger counter.
hear your teeth chatter like a Geiger counter and see the lesions
This guy came in with a Geiger counter and started going through all the rooms.
Mind you, I'll probably still be fretting over exactly which lead eye shields to take and whether I can get away with leaving my geiger counter at home.
I've been there with a geiger counter, and it goes wild as you approach the plant.
He said: "In fact, one or two officers had a Geiger counter from which I personally heard the vibrating rat-a-tat of radiation activity and an officer indicated that there were 'hot spots' " Mr Silvey did pick up two souvenirs: an ink bottle fused into a ball and a melted roofing tile.
There's a radiation kit with a Geiger counter, shelves of haz-mat suits in black gym bags, plus a collection of white vests with job titles in big black letters.
If even one atom of the radioactive substance decays, the Geiger counter spills the poison, and the cat is dead.