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German physicist who developed the Geiger counter (1882-1945)


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Using eight life histories Geiger exposes women's subjective experiences of nationalism and describes their role as political leaders.
Rainmaker Systems Inc (NASDAQ:RMKR), a provider of B2B e-commerce solutions, reported on Thursday the appointment of Chuck Geiger to its board of directors.
Jones Group, a New York-headquartered firm which owns fashion brands such as Nine West, has bought Kurt Geiger from London-based private equity firm Graphite Capital.
Kurt Geiger, which was bought by Graphite for pounds 95m in 2008, was established in 1963 and operates from more than 200 locations worldwide, including 49 stores and 156 concessions in department stores.
Using an Arduino microcomputer, Libelium, a Spanish company that makes communications hardware, designed a Geiger counter that can be built and tested by home hobbyists (or bought preassembled).
Pink & grey satin strappy shoe, pounds 95, KG by Kurt Geiger
Camp Geiger Shooting Range is the first public shooting range in the nation to be built and operated by the Boy Scouts of America.
First, Geiger added snap hasps to secure the coffin lid.
This Autumn/ Winter Kurt Geiger styles are subtle, vintage and majestic
Clothes designer Hugo Boss will take a 4,000 square foot unit on The Hayes while footwear shop Kurt Geiger will take a smaller 2,324 square foot unit, also facing The Hayes.
Our expectation, then, ought be high when Geiger tells us that he has found something that 'has remained undiscovered in Hegel's text' (144), something previously 'overlooked by his readers' (48) until now, and that this discovery will newly illuminate not only Hegel's critique of Kant (the narrow and slightly misleading scope the sub-title promises) but also the other salient features of Hegel's thought which Geiger traverses in the book's course: Sophocles' Antigone, the French Revolution and Terror, the dictum 'what is rational is actual', and the ethicality of war.
Upmarket shoe retailer Kurt Geiger, which has an outlet in Birmingham's Bullring shopping centre, has been snapped up by private equity firm Graphite Capital in a deal worth pounds 95 million.
Marcus Geiger is known as a master of understatement.
LUXURY shoe specialist Kurt Geiger, which has branch in Liverpool's Metquarter centre, has teamed up with a Middle East retailer to open a string of stores in the Gulf region, it was announced yesterday.
I was astonished to see Teddy Geiger as a Cutie [A/M '07].