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a place where the wicked are punished after death

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Cosmologically, Gehinnom is divided into seven stories or divisions, (18) with one's wickedness determining the level.
This reciprocal effect is illustrated in the Talmudic story that shows Abraham sitting at the entrance to hell; when Israelites that had the mark of this covenant approached, he would prevent their descent into Gehinnom.
Said [Acher] to him: Rabbi Akiva, thy master did not explain it thus, but [as follows]: He created righteous, and created wicked; He created the Garden of Eden, and created Gehinnom.
In the Akeda of Treblinka, the innocent victim's (Korban) mother who entered the gas chamber did not suffer pains of Gehinnom, for "she was living in another, heavenly atmosphere which sweetened her suffering.
Eleazar said that the fire of Gehinnom has no sway over the Sages .