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a place where the wicked are punished after death

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On the whole, the world of 2040s is ruled by the devil and his bonnets, who are recruiting from among unscrupulous politicians and other criminals the future population of Gehenna.
Gehenna said: "I can't support Julian Fellowes in depicting rape in a show that treats missing tuxedo shirts as a major crisis.
Seu curso nasce nas montanhas Umbrosi (sombrias), onde se diz que se abre o Gehenna.
Not only has Williams been the first holder of his office to abandon all Christian dogma in favor of druidic whimsies and Islamic appeasement, but even against such daunting competitors as Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, and Sarah Palin he has become the most comprehensively derided politician in the English-speaking world since Teddy Kennedy acquired his one-way ticket to Gehenna.
9)/ The depiction of hell as a valley might be inspired by the Hebrew Bible, where Gehenna, t he place of the dead, is identical with the Valley of Hinnom, and by Psalm 87: 5, which refers to hell as locus (Latin: basin, pit, trough).
By Jehova, Gehenna, and the consecrated water which I now sprinkle, and the sign of the cross which I now make, and by our vows: let Mephostophilis himself, bespoken by us, now arise.
From Abu Tor one can see the Temple Mount, and below it the Valley of Gehenna, or "gehinnom," the Hebrew word for hell, a place where tire, cold, and darkness reign together and where children were sacrificed to Moloch.
God is wroth with them, and has cursed them, and has prepared for them Gehenna -- an evil homecoming
Gehenna, Mind Eraser, David Allan Coe, and Uncle Slam.
In today's America, it's easier to feel than to think - so we continue slouching down to the secular Gehenna.
The unrighteous will be sent into eternal punishment, a place of fire and torment called Gehenna (Matt.
Elsewhere in Matthew we find the word gehenna, from the valley of Hinnom outside Jerusalem, where garbage--including the bodies of animals and some criminals--was burned.
Part of the discussion involved a rather unique eschatological concept of a 12 month period of punishment during which the body is in Gehinnom, perhaps better known as Gehenna, and the soul ascends and descends between heaven and that nether world.
He is convinced," the Bishop added, "that, quite to the contrary, the majority of people will find themselves in the Kingdom of heaven, and only a few sinners will go to Gehenna [hell], and even they only for the period of time which is necessary for their repentance and remission of sins.
Within the geography of El lugar sin limites, the river stands as the dumping ground, the space for lynching, the village's Gehenna.