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a place where the wicked are punished after death

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Peek in the oven, see--summer, see--the fires of Gehenna have lined up in two rows and wave at me and beckon with their even flames, "We wait for you," they say, "come here, we miss you," see--the greasy blackness of Ukranian black soil, the prickly crumbles of the old Inturist hotel, the smell of sour cabbage from "At Schweik's" vats, the summer veranda, umbrellas, a handsome lad in tight clothes barfing out meat pies and beer in the backyard, twenty-four hours till the plague, and he's the first to go.
com)-- This unique horror/suspense thriller feature film GEHENNA opens with an intense scene where a large man is running through the dark woods while screaming frantically for his life.
There is a relevant passage in TB Pesahim 54a with parallels elsewhere: "Seven things were created before the world: the Torah, repentance, the Garden of Eden, Gehenna, the Throne of Glory, the Temple, and the name of the Messiah.
The Jesus movement perceived the council with the synagogues as places of judgment and punishment (Mt 10:17), even compared to the Gehenna, perhaps, as a higher tribunal or council.
Watu wa Gehenna ("People of Gehenna", 2012), the latest novel by Olali and the latest-to-date contribution to the realm of 'new' novel in Swahili, in its 'architectonics' differs from the previous one and bears much closer resemblance to the texts by Olali's peers and predecessors, since its structure is based on the same main elements-- the human world (again, the world of the future--the action spans from the year 2045 to 2050) and another world, the Gehenna.
Wright maintains that the majority of these texts refers not to afterlife but to Rome's impending onslaught that would turn Jerusalem into the garbage heap, Gehenna (Surprised by Hope 176-77).
After that it was the bus ride from Gehenna -- Manchester, Binghamton and Springfield, all in less than three days.
Percio l'enfasi sugli istituti professionali negli anni in cui si discuteva il decentramento delle funzioni alle Regioni: la difesa dell'istituto rappresentava in qualche modo la mano generosamente tesa dalla societa scolarizzata ai suoi stessi 'scarti', l'avamposto nella Gehenna formativa in cui concedere allo studente pio scapestrato un titolo, purche conferito da una scuola.
moron) will be liable to the Gehenna of fire (eternal punishment).
Gehenna said: "I can't support Julian Fellowes in depicting rape in a show that treats missing tuxedo shirts as a major crisis.
Bacterial infection present with sigh and symptoms of acute inflammation, pain in ear, congestion and bulging of tympanic membrane, white, yellow or turbid fluid it may be associated with malaise and mild pyrexia (Fiellau Nikolajsen 1979, 83 Zielhuis and vanden brook (1986) Gehenna et al 1992 Bluestone Stephenson & martin 1992 Kenna MA 1993.
In this Gehenna, human life itself has been degraded.
Instead of Gehenna, we get warning letters and (gulp
Seu curso nasce nas montanhas Umbrosi (sombrias), onde se diz que se abre o Gehenna.
Not only has Williams been the first holder of his office to abandon all Christian dogma in favor of druidic whimsies and Islamic appeasement, but even against such daunting competitors as Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, and Sarah Palin he has become the most comprehensively derided politician in the English-speaking world since Teddy Kennedy acquired his one-way ticket to Gehenna.