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well-seasoned balls of ground fish and eggs and crushed crumbs simmered in fish stock


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2 -- color) Gefilte the fish and Torah the bull are Jewish beanie toys sold by Macca-Beanies LLC in Chatsworth.
OK, so it wasn't much different from every other Seder, but we did have herring with raspberry sauce in lieu of the gefilte fish.
For convenience and to shorten preparation time, she relies on a mix to make the matzo balls for the soup and buys gefilte fish in jars and doctors it up with her own personal touch.
I was fortunate enough to have Emmy-nominated PBS cooking star and author Pati Jinich's gefilte fish Veracruzana at an event celebrating Mexican-Jewish food at The General Muir in Atlanta.
During Rosh Hashanah, various meats and seafood are served such as chicken, gefilte fish and brisket, all which run the risk of being exposed to bacteria.
Many journalists immediately dove into the stack of digital mail in attempt to find any sign of classified information, but emerged disappointed after reading through boring emails about Henry Kissinger, Clinton's new IPad (and how her staff would teach her to use it on a flight to Kiev,) and of course gefilte fish.
On further investigation, the Ukrainian immigrants had selected buffalo fish to eat because it either resembled a carp-like fish in their homeland, had scales and white flesh; or was suitable for preparation as gefilte fish.
I like latkes, knishes, and even gefilte fish--which makes me a gastronomic Jew.
They brought with them their beloved recipes for gefilte fish, borscht, herring, dill pickles and kugel.
Now, his home-care aides said, he fancies matzo balls, gefilte fish, chicken noodle soup, Ritz crackers, scrambled eggs, chocolate and ice cream.
The dish that inspires such angst is gefilte fish, which somewhat resembles meat loaf or meatballs.
Now the twin armchair warriors are at it again, beginning two years ago when they celebrated the start of the Syrian civil war by pigging out on a week's supply of gefilte fish sent to them with gratitude by the Israeli Lobby.
Which means, of course, that they cannot afford to present any definite, clear-cut, opinion on anything, except motherhood and apple pie -- or, in Israel, Zionism and gefilte fish.