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a carnival performer who does disgusting acts

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Conversely, if academic researchers focus their efforts on "pure" and theoretically based research, they are rewarded by being able to publish it in geeky academic journals, and the perception seems to be, "the geekier, the better.
Besides, since when have men formed bands so that the geekier, specky four-eyed, less than alpha end of the male spectrum can get worked up over the production details?
are people coming out just a little geekier than we would like to see them, or are they still broad thinkers?
The geekier types, of course, hacked up a handmade page using a plain text editor and some sticky tape.
Jason is a bit of a geek, whose best friend Shin is even geekier, if possible; but the two are brilliant.
Now video games are such a cool, in-thing and back then, it was a geekier, underground thing.
Personality" and "The Smartest Man in the World") has consisted of a geek's-eye view of subjects only slightly geekier than the director himself--a view that is almost invariably glacial and contemptuous of both his subjects and his audience.
All you have to do is buy a pair of frames, the geekier the better, and have them fitted with plain glass.
Apologies for being a bit geekier than usual - and for temporarily adding to that noise.
More classes, more fun, geekier projects and tutorials, more web content and community-building in general.
After that ended, Daisy set her sights upon the equally thin and brooding Matt Smith - AKA Dr Who (and it doesn't come much geekier than that).
And panic set in when Justin King pitched up for an inspection, reminding geekier viewers of when the Emperor paid a 'motivational' visit to the partially built Death Star.