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a carnival performer who does disgusting acts

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What Wong Kids and Team of Heroes show is that geek theatre, and geekdom itself, is a metaphor, an expression of hidden desires and sublimated personality traits.
If you are not an inhabitant of geekdom, you'd probably never heard of Jotspot, until last week, when Google purchased the little-known web application provider for an undisclosed amount.
But that association with eternal geekdom is one of the root sources of US students' well-chronicled math troubles.
We're slowly moving up the ladder of indie geekdom," Luca said when reached at Wavelab studio in Tucson, Ariz.
Springing out of working-class Jewish immigrant neighborhoods in the depths of the Depression, these young men transformed an odd mix of geekdom, science fiction, and outsider yearnings into blue-eyed chisel-nosed crime-fighters and adventurers who quickly captured the mainstream imagination.
It's a look at geekdom," explains Kovalic, whose cartoon creation has six recurrent characters.
As ``Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story,'' topped $30 million at the Hollywood box office last weekend, young adults in Hollywood have returned the hard-hitting playground game to near-cult status - and geekdom.
Somehow with the aid of stripping lessons (baby oil supplied), body language tuition and being forced to work in nightclubs and pubs, the experts brought him back from the brink of permanent geekdom and transformed him into a fun, relaxed individual.
is their hero--while they were mired in Ivy League geekdom, writing outraged editorials for the campus National Review clone, P.
Today fencing has become so anachronistic as to signify geekdom.
Roger Black, the self-proclaimed "Guru of Geekdom," sums it up this way:
Once the domain of geekdom, sci-fi fanatics and gamers, AR technology has struggled recently to transcend the sheer wow-factor and demonstrate real relevance in daily life.
From 10am to 10pm, you can also enjoy Geekdom, a pop culture feast of comics, cosplay, movies, TV series and video games and Le Blockade, a multimedia celebration of Qatar's cultural resilience at Katara Buildings 18 and 19.
n From 10am to 10pm, one can also enjoy Geekdom, a pop culture feast of comics, cosplay, movies, TV series and video games, and LeBlockade, a multimedia celebration of Qatar's cultural resilience, at Katara buildings 18 and 19.