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a carnival performer who does disgusting acts

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Sir Tim, inventor of the web, has called for an end to the 'stupid' male geek culture that disregards the work of capable female engineers and puts others off entering the profession.
Mike Broder originally founded the first Florida Supercon (currently the largest comic convention in South Florida) to fill a void in the South Florida geek culture scene, and he has since launched Animate
They usually make fun of typical Geek culture, because they think networks need more personality.
Felicia Day, a mainstay of geek culture who rose to internet fame as the creative force behind the original The Guild, an original web series that was based on her life as a gamer, has been named the CES Entertainment Matters Celebrity Ambassador.
Geek culture wrapped up a nice HD bundle every week.
It wasn't just about talking about the inequalities in geek culture and associated industries, it was also a celebration of what makes us unique.
Judging from the lineup at the geek culture celebration "Glitter, Mayhem and Time Lords,'' it seems that might well be the case.
Gaming and related geek culture has scored some notable successes on Kickstarter.
Jackpot Trivia presents players with tens of thousands of questions from over one hundred modern trivia categories with a pop culture set ranging from Beyonce to Big Bang Theory, sports topics such as NASCAR, and geek culture subjects that include Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and video games.
Zombies have long been working their way into geek culture.
We maintain that a geek is more of a generalist in geek culture, while a nerd is immensely immersed in one or more particular geeky preoccupations.
Common Room - A female-take on the geek culture and nerd lifestyle, with no topic off-limits.
Finalists for the SXSW Gaming Awards categories are selected and voted on by the SXSW Gaming Advisory Board, consisting of more than 40 gaming, comic and geek culture industry experts, and represent the game titles that demonstrate the best and most innovative of the year in each respective category.