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the shell (metal casing) in which a train of gears is sealed

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Andrews-plant dedicated gaging systems were custom engineered by Sheffield to new gearcase designs and installed in March, 1988 and mid '89.
Equally new to the marine industry as a whole are the myriad technological advances Seven Marine has brought to the outboard market with the 557, including closed-loop cooling, ZF's Joystick Maneuvering System (JMS) as well as an ultra-smooth shifting ZF CAN-bus controlled disc-clutch transmission, Seven's proprietary twin-pinion gearcase with nearly unlimited gearing options, an ECU-controlled octane scaler, dual 3.
Tenders are invited for Modified Boss Top And Bottom Of Bhel Gearcase As Per Drg.
Gearcase retrofits are available for various brands of extruders.
Tenders are invited for Gear Case Assembly Upper, Lower Hardware For Wdg3a, Dlw Pt No:12087841, Top Half Gear Case With Arm For Ptfe Moulding Bhel Drg No:04461699011-01, Bottom Half Gearcase With Arm For Ptfe Moulding Bhel Drg No:04461699012-01.
And, while the driveshaft housing, gearcase, and certain component parts remain the same, the similarities between DFI and current two-stroke technology end there.
Tenders are invited for O-Ring Aux Gen And Gearcase Ge Set Of O Ring Gasket For Aux/ Exciter Generator Of Diesel Locomotives, Set Consists Of Following Items:-1 O Ring For Aux/Exciter Bhel-Wdm2-Er Drg No-Ccc/Dl-455 Alt-1, Slno-9, Qty-01 No.
Tenders are invited for Works contract for periodic removal of industrial waste, various cleaning works, loading & unloading of scrap, unloading and stacking of stores materials and gearcase cleaning at diesel loco shed, kharagpur, for a period of 02 (two) years.
Tenders are invited for Modified Spring Loaded Oil Cover For Hitachi Tm Gearcase To S.
Tenders are invited for Rtv Sealant For Sealing Of Two Halves Of Emd Gearcase To Dlw Spec No Dlw/Tot/Veh/Dd/Ps Adhesive And Sealants Rev No 1 Gm Part No 40027958 And Dlw Pl No 17271368,Packing Approximately 305 Ml.