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a mechanical device for engaging and disengaging gears

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Diamond-encrusted car wheels, solid gold gear sticks and giraffes in the back yard.
A gloss black dashboard, air vent surrounds and gear stick cap, black velour carpet mats with orange piping and orange Benefit logo, and aluminium pedals grace the cabin, along with Alcantara trim on the sports seats.
Sports seats, a short-shift M gear stick, sports suspension and the M Aerodynamic exterior styling package are also included.
The cycle time is 95 seconds, during which time 25 fasteners are installed: 7 inserts to the beam for attaching the steering column and other components; two custom-designed inserts for the gear stick attachment; 16 inserts for the air conditioner and other components.
The sport where 20 drivers, erm, drive around 18 circuits and then an arrogant German with a head shaped like my mum's slow cooker gets given a golden steering wheel, gear stick or something else fancy.
The car's single driver control unit fulfills all functions of the steering wheel, pedals, clutch and gear stick.
It still lacks performance, whatever the fuel, and design blind spots - like a moveable driver's arm rest that restricts access to gear stick and handbrake - do niggle.
Accumulator Actuator Artic (articulated lorry) Bonnet Boot Choke tube Cubby box Damper Drive shaft Drop-head coupe Dynamo Estate car or shooting brake Fascia Fixed-head coupe Gear stick Gearbox Hood Lorry Monocoque Nave plate Prop shaft Quarterlight Rev counter Reversing lights Ring gear Saloon car Scuttle Silencer Sill Suction advance Sump
Licensed by Porsche Lizenz- und Handelsgesellschaft mbH, the Fanatec Porsche 911 Carrera Racing Wheel features an interchangeable gear stick (6 + 1 Speed) that can be mounted on either side of the wheel, realistic clutch pedal with declining resistance, a powerful Mabuchi RS 550 force feedback motor, an adjustable turning angle (up to 900x), a tuning function that allows gamers to change force feedback during gameplay, and an extra large wheel rim of 300mm in diameter crafted from high-quality TPE rubber.
The extra cash gets you an impressive Nissan-engineered three-mode system, selectable via a rotary controller in front of the gear stick.
He loves the divine thrill that comes from fondling the old gear stick while sat in the front seat, but he hates anyone hearing about it.
There is even a button just below the gear stick which activates the Switchable Active Exhaust to open the bypass valves to produce an even richer and exhilarating sound, although don't use this if you are some distance from a petrol station
It also has a centrally mounted instrument binnacle, circular air vents and a chrome-finished gear stick for the AMT gearbox.
RUKI SAYID Consumer Editor GOOGLE are set to revolutionise the motor industry with the launch of a driverless car that has no steering wheel, gear stick or pedals.
The officer found seven PS10 bags of the Class B in the glove box and near the gear stick, Teesside Crown Court heard.