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a soldier who is a member of a unit called 'the guard' or 'guards'

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The inquest heard Gdsm Shadrake, from Wrexham, was serving with the Reconnaissance Platoon of the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards at TCP 40.
Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Williams, of 1 Staffords, said Gdsm Wakefield had been acting as top cover on a patrol vehicle when the bomb exploded.
Capt Dobbin said automatic gunfire shell casings were located 40 metres up the road from where Gdsm Shadrake was killed.
Gdsm Gareth Evans, 22, Newport: Lots of love to mum and dad and family and especially to my loving girlfriend Nicola.
I miss my missus, Marie from Bulkington, and I miss my family and my mates," said Gdsm Kelly, a former pupil of Heart of England School, Balsall Common.
Today Gdsm Robertson's parents continued keeping close vigil at their brave son's side, at The Royal Centre for Defence Medicine, based at Selly Oak Hospital, in Birmingham.
After an initial positive meeting and further discussions, both companies are of the opinion that completing audits and pursuing an OTCQB listing first would be in the best interest of GDSM shareholders.
Gdsm Cooper said: "They shouldn't just try to palm you off with money.
However, Gdsm Cooper, who is back on Tyneside for a four-week break from his recovery at the Headley Court rehabilitation centre in Surrey, said no price can be placed on losing a limb.
Gdsm Wakefield was on a six-month tour of duty of Iraq.
GDSM KEVIN BALFOUR,18, in Northern Ireland with the Scots Guards, sends his message to his sister Danielle, in Lochore.
Gdsm Cooper said: "He spent about five minutes with me and he was mostly listening to what I told him.
Gdsm Cooper, who was serving at Babaji, Helmand Province, said: "I was the fourth man in a line of 15 soldiers, carrying a light machine gun.
Write to: 24766890 Gdsm Samme or 24867505 Lcpl Miller, Right Flanke, 1SG, Woodburn RUC Stn, Belfast, N Ireland, BFPO 801.