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a coastal region at the southeastern corner of the Mediterranean bordering Israel and Egypt

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Jennifer Gazzah Judge tells child rapist: 'Nobody will mourn if you die in prison' The fact the judge considered and was thanked by the victim brought a tear to my eye, i hope the victim can now move forward to a better life and forget those terrible memories.
The plan includes a ban on parking in the central zone and tunnels, the approval for public transport vehicles and the allocation of taxi stands in the central zone, in addition to parking for people with special needs at Shobaika, Gazzah and Bab Al-Malik.
Hedi Gazzah, directeur regional de l'Eequipement de Sousse
Car parks have been set up at Al-Zahir, Qashlah, Rusaifah, Kudai, Gazzah and Mahbas Al-Jin for the visitors.