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a soup made with chopped tomatoes and onions and cucumbers and peppers and herbs

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This is not because I knew that gazpacho soup is always served cold.
I know gazpacho soup should be served cold, and that man can't live on Pot Noodles alone.
Food on the island is delicious and fish is a speciality, as is the cooling Gazpacho soup.
For starters for my Last Supper I would have something clean and fresh-tasting such as a gazpacho soup.
A Moslem main meal includes gazpacho soup, lavosh, garden salad with assorted dressings, herbed chicken with lentil ragout and pea pods, a crusty white roll with margarine pat, and angel food cake with strawberries.
But on a hot day the chilled gazpacho soup ($5) is a wondrous refresher.
Second course is a choice of an endive-Roquefort salad, mussels in escargot butter or gazpacho soup.
If fruit and vegetables are zero-rated and cold gazpacho soup is zero-rated, why is a smoothie subject to VAT?
Chilled gazpacho soup with avocado and creme fraiche; home cured smoked salmon with sorrel butter sauce; pan fried red mullet with roasted aubergine; and Cornish lamb with pea puree and confit of potato - all mouth-wateringly tempting.
We were served a little appetiser of seabass with a fresh garden peas and a delicate glass of chilled gazpacho soup for the non-fish lover.
A gazpacho soup used up the ingredients that I was going to use for a piperade , like tomatoes and peppers.
And the means of killing have included gazpacho soup, candlestick, spontaneous combustion, doped horse, pitchfork, poisoned arrow, liquid nicotine, slide projector, drinks cabinet and plough.
We're not always happy to have something hot, so why not compromise with the gazpacho soup, which is served cold.
Recommended items: Gazpacho soup, lobster pot pie, baked scallops, Brittania pizza, premises-baked pies.