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The would-be smuggler, a teenager, tied the legs of the live gazelles and hid them under the steering wheel of his suburban utility vehicle.
During field surveys we visited four to five times each of the 52 localities where the presence of gazelles was suspected in March-May and October-November.
A first batch of 22 gazelles was carried by aircraft last Tuesday to the military airport of Laouina then by truck for the resettlement of this species in the Jebel Serj Park.
Selecting just a few firms to designate as Denver Gazelles was actually more challenging than ever this year, said Paul Washington, OED executive director.
Living on a 4,5 square kilometers area, the gazelles are taken care by the Syrian gendarmerie.
Ayant fait leur rencontre sur le rallye, les deux gazelles qui partagent la meme passion, ont decide cette annee de s'unir pour former un equipage marocain de choc portant les couleurs du Mcdonald's et vehiculant les valeurs nobles du Rallye.
The men are charged with killing a gazelle and dumping it in a bin
The film is divided into three parts - the hunt for the Gazelles, the transformation into UK Wildcats and the UK Wildcats hunting the Gazelles on the rally.
We already had Arabian gazelles, but wanted to bring in some more in order to ensure that we don't have genetic diseases during breeding.
Abstract This study was conducted to identify the adaptive thermophysiological adjustments of 24 gazelles (15 - 20 kg and 3 - 4 years old) belonging to 2 gazelle species (Gazella gazelles and Gazella leptoceros) for 3 months during both summer and winter seasons.
The taxonomy of the Mountain gazelle is complicated as gazelles in the Arabian Peninsula are not considered pure, but the result of cross-breeding between two or more unknown species.
The small antelope is iconic of East Africa, especially within the Serengeti/Mara ecosystem where Kenya and Tanzania converge, and despite its very limited geographic range, it remains to this day one of Africa's most abundant gazelles.
2012), comparably little is known about the ecophysiology of gazelles.
Al Ain Zoo has successfully bred the Speke's Gazelle, following the introduction of two male gazelles from Wadi Al Safa Wildlife Centre in Dubai.
Along with hunting relatively small game such as gazelles, these hominids scavenged the heads of antelope and wildebeest-sized animals, apparently to add a side of fatty, nutrient-rich brain tissue to their diets.