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a coastal region at the southeastern corner of the Mediterranean bordering Israel and Egypt

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Only this week, extreme weather and flooding has forced hundreds of families in Gaza to evacuate their homes.
Known as "the outpost of Africa, the door to Asia," in ancient times, Gaza was a key port city and a hub of religious diversity, with Jews and Christians once living in harmony under Muslim rule.
The Cairo meeting came following unprecedented destruction across the entire Gaza Strip, with the $4 billion estimated preliminary cost of rebuilding three times higher than that of the previous war.
He expressed these views while addressing a mammoth gathering of Gaza Million March at Shara-e-Faisal on Sunday.
Instead, he said, Gaza should have its own airport and port -- but with special arrangements.
The strike on the Gaza City tower brought down most of the building, killing 11 people -- including six members of the same family -- and wounding 40, said Palestinian health official Ashraf al-Kidra.
Unfortunately, it is the political Islamists around the world who have done very little to restore Gaza and help its people during the period of peace.
The total death toll in Gaza rose to 43 Wednesday, including seniors and children, according to a Gaza Health Ministry spokesperson, with over 350 people injured.
This time, the collective punishment of Gaza arrives in the form of raw sewage that is flooding many neighbourhoods across the impoverished and energy-chocked region of 360 km2 (139 sq mi) and 1.
DPA GAZA CITY THREE Palestinian militants were killed and at least three people were injured on Sunday in two Israeli airstrikes on a scooter and on a motorcycle in the Gaza Strip, officials said.
Ottoman presence in Gaza- Gaza was included in Ottoman territories in 1516 when Yavuz Sultan Selim had a military expedition to Egypt.
GAZA: Israeli troops killed one Palestinian and wounded two in the central Gaza Strip on Saturday, local hospital officials said.
Yes, two hotels did open, and by Gaza standards they are luxurious.
Qatari Ambassador to Gaza Mohammed Al-Emadi (C) leaves following a press conference at the Dar Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City with the Director of UNRWA Operations in Gaza after Qatar signed an agreement to provide a nine million dollar humanitarian relief grant to residents of the Palestinian enclave.
GAZA, Feb 18 (KUNA) -- Two Palestinians were killed by Israeli army fire in the Gaza Strip in a flare-up after soldiers were wounded by an explosive device along the Palestinian enclave's border, Gaza's medical sources said Sunday.