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The LezGetReal blogger's identity began to be questioned last week as doubts over the Gay Girl in Damascus blog intensified.
Over the past few days in speaking with Ali and Ben from Electronic Intifada, we shared information, links and theories about the blogger behind Amina of Gay Girl in Damascus.
Damascus, June 8 (ANI): A popular Syrian-American lesbian author of the Syrian blog called "A Gay Girl in Damascus" has been kidnapped by armed men in Damascus.
com/) A Gay Girl in Damascus " has reportedly been kidnapped.
I am 15 and I am a gay girl but if anyone knew my life would be hell and I would get beaten up.
com) blog , entitled "A Gay Girl in Damascus," featured poems and videos, and detailed description of her sexual encounters and political stances and activity in the ongoing revolution.
How can I play such a gay girl, young and full of hope?
Is there a Kanye West song I'm not familiar with that captures the spirit of a small-town gay girl from the Bible Belt who's on the fast track to changing the world?
I am the only person I know who hasn't had sex although obviously I haven't told anyone apart from the gay girl.
I am a shy gay girl aged 23 and although I have tried not to be gay, I know after a couple of disastrous relationships with men that that is what I am.
In the teen soap she played tormented lesbian Gina Patrick and there's a hint of girlie love ahead for her character in Bad Girls, too, when Natalie shares some tender moments with G Wing's resident gay girl Kris Yates.
I noticed that many gay women rank Claire as one of those "mediocre" hits of lesbian pop culture--including other so-so dyke movies of the '90s, the huge influx of "same old thing" women's musicians, the "tired" gay girl comics, and the "boring" lesbian novels we settled for back when we were desperate for anything that spoke about (or to) us.
A new take on The View, with Lea DeLaria, Robin Givens, Melissa Etheridge, Allison Janney, and Winona Ryder sitting on a sofa and a couple of armchairs, exchanging fashion tips and health information for the Gay Girl on the Go