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Synonyms for backlash

Synonyms for backlash

an adverse reaction to some political or social occurrence

come back to the originator of an action with an undesired effect

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gay and lesbian rights demonstration, activists from the New York League for Sexual Freedom picket the Whitehall Induction Center to protest antigay military policies.
Other activists and straight allies look to it to set the national agenda on the right for gay equality and view its victories and its defeats as bellwethers for the gay and lesbian rights movement.
When I came out, my parents, my relatives, my friends suddenly became a lot more aware of the need to vote for candidates who support gay and lesbian rights.
It promotes social responsibility in corporations by tying the investment dollars of high-net-worth individuals to good corporate citizenship, one solid tenet of which is the promotion of gay and lesbian rights in the workplace.
THE CASE: Some may wonder why a case that appears to be only about child molestation is being challenged by gay and lesbian rights activists.
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