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Synonyms for God

Synonyms for God

the supernatural being conceived as the perfect and omnipotent and omniscient originator and ruler of the universe

a man of such superior qualities that he seems like a deity to other people

a material effigy that is worshipped

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LAS VEGAS -- The Right Solution Gateway, a wholly owned subsidiary of GAWD (OTCBB: GAWD), announced that the company has put out a sales contest of $250,000 in rewards for its distributors.
Was it the hype following his win, the "Aw, Gawd luv 'im" feeling viewers got when they saw this little bloke with bad teeth singing what's become the nation's soccer anthem?
Gawd bless her - and all the billions of poor, miserable wretches who live and/or work there (well, it always seems like billions).
The excitement around Fir Park was however tempered again on Sunday - I mean a team like Rangers have leapfrogged us for gawd sake.
However, the girls, Gawd bless them, don't seem to have had much say in the film and end up spending most of their time giggling, flirting, weeping, generally overacting or sitting on the loo.
OW ma Gawd, that Charlie Sims off of TOWIE is, like, proper kissing some bird at Ocean Beach Club in Ibeefa - when he's meant to be going out with Ferne McCann.
Gawd help that poor kid if it's born with his pop-eyes and its grandad's tear ducts.