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type genus of the Gavidae: loons

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The contract relates to the removal, transport and disposal in a sanitary landfill for contaminated land on the site Passo Gavia Park in the town of Brescia, as specified in the Special Chapter Descriptive and High performance (all.
Offshore activity commenced in mid-June and saw UTEC provide two Gavia AUV systems equipped with a full suite of survey sensors.
The Gavia AUV used in this research is owned jointly by the University of Iceland and the Vor Marine Research Center at Breidafjordur.
INDIANA--James Alexander, Mia Black, Ashley Bumgardner, Brian Burke, Lance Christopher, Toni Clark, Matt Cutshall, Larry Dickens, Militina Gavia, Laura Ginn, Anita Henley, Kristy Hite, Douglas Huyvaert, John Imanene, Mia Kelsaw, Julie Lanham, Jeffrey Lyness, John Markham, Tyler Mason, Mark McDonald, Jeff McShane, Terra Ours, Laura Ramussen, Michael Rodriguez, Brad Ruliman, Anna Sasili, Gregory Seibert, Mark Sevier, Kurt Sizemore, Joyce Sokolowski, Christopher Wilcher, Chris Young
Rio de Janeiro: Rio de Janeiro, Gavia sur les bords du Chemin, [22[degrees]56'S, 43[degrees]17'W], 12 Mar 1868, Glaziou 2397 (P-00610813; duplicates: C, S, photos MICH, MO ex C).
AQ UA RT E T of British Subaru fans are to put the manufacturer's original model, the 360cc microcar, to the ultimate test on a 2,000- mile rally through some of Europe's toughest terrain which will include Italy's Stelvio and Gavia Passes.
Baron Roussin's description of the 'peculiar figure of the land' visible from the approaches of the harbour is quoted in a nineteenth-century Brazilian Pilot: 'the Gavia forms the head, and the Sugar-loaf the feet.
In Puhvel's contribution to my festschrift he questions whether the CHD's claim that the lahanza belonged to the duck family could be sustained and note that the lahanza might belong to the family genus Gavia instead of Anatina.
Relative Range abundance CLASS AVES Order Gaviiformes (loons) Family Gaviidae (loons) Gavia adamsii (Gray), yellow- I R billed loon G.
WOLF DeGAVIA - Mireya Gavia DeWolf and Michael Wolf, of Eugene, a son.
14]C ages were 610 [+ or -] 66 (NZA 7226) and 738 [+ or -] 67 years BP (NZA 7240) on Hutton's shearwater Puffinus huttoni, or Fluttering shearwater Puffinus gavia (it was not possible to differentiate between these 2 species at this site).
Children Gavia, eight, and four-year-old Merlin only see it at friends' homes.
In celebration of the company's 20th anniversary, Clif Bar & Company Founder and Co-CEO Gary Erickson created GARY's PANFORTE, a limited-edition CLIF[R] Bar full of fruits, nuts and spices that was inspired by his early cycling adventures over Northern Italy's Passo di Gavia.
Covering over 600 miles (1000 km), many famous alpine highlights will be seen while riding in near silence: the Stelvio, Timmelsjoch, the Silvretta High Alpine Road, Reschensee, Hahntennjoch, Kuhtai, Gavia Pass, Dolomites and the Mendel Pass.
Ocean Aero s planned unmanned underwater/surface vehicles, powered by wind and solar, complement Teledyne s battery-powered Gavia AUVs and market-leading autonomous gliding vehicles using buoyancy-based propulsion.