normal distribution

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a theoretical distribution with finite mean and variance

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21] that is to say, channels are symmetrical to each other and not interfere with each other, which further proved that H and W are in line with Gaussian random variables in Gaussian model, that is, 0 is the mean, and variance is the following expression:
Here [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is the sum of [absolute value of [zeta]] statistically independent random variables that can be approximated by the Gaussian random variable based on the CLT, mean, m0 and variance, [[sigma].
0] is a numeric constant; [epsilon] is a zero-mean Gaussian random variable with standard deviation [[sigma].
In order to determine quantiles of an inverse Gaussian random variable Y with parameters [mu] > 0 and [lambda] > 0, use the fact that the distribution of X = [lambda] Y/[[mu].
m]} converges weakly to a Gaussian random variable with mean zero and variance one.
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