Gaussian distribution

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a theoretical distribution with finite mean and variance

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Table 2 shows the performance of proposed algorithm for multiple standard watermark images under JPEG compression and Gaussian noise addition attack.
In each cases, unknown structure noise components V(n) is taken as white Gaussian noise which has zero-mean and variance with a value of 0.
is the Gaussian noise which is default in all camera images and other instrument images.
Although the Gaussian noise and interference can be completely inhibited by bi-spectrum analysis theoretically, the non-Gaussian noise is powerless.
With the adding of Gaussian noise, nonzero elements of sparse solution gradually increase, where some solutions are with large values.
The proposed method performs lower ME values than the other methods for all the Gaussian noise images.
To improve traditional OMP-based K-SVD for fitting nonzero-mean Gaussian noise which frequently appears in depth data, we propose NAOMP for replacing traditional OMP in K-SVD, where the noise term within residuals is weakened in each atom updating step.
It describes preliminary results on covariance and associated RKHS, the Gaussian process, the definition of multiple Wiener integrals for a general Gaussian process and stochastic integration for Gaussian random fields, Skorokhod and Malliavin derivatives for Gaussian random fields, filtering with general Gaussian noise, equivalence and singularity, and the Markov property of Gaussian fields and Dirichlet forms.
With many broadband protocols in use, the traditional CW with 1-kHz AM immunity test signal is no longer representative, and instead researchers have proposed using white Gaussian noise (WGN), possibly pulsed and band-limited.
Table 2-3 show the similarity between the original watermark and the extracted watermark after the watermarked images is attacked by JEPG compression, Gaussian noise and Salt & Pepper noise.
The common noise includes gaussian noise, index noise, uniform noise and impulse noise.
In this article, first we present a mini review of signal detection under Gaussian noise, and then introduce two methods toward detection of gravitational waves under non-Gaussian noises to prepare for the forthcoming KAGRA.
The first increases the number of pixels within the same unit area, which will increase the spatial resolution, but produce a level of Gaussian noise.
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