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a symmetrical curve representing the normal distribution

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Here also, one can see that the fit to a 2D Gaussian function (red curve in Fig.
Whittaker in his seminal paper [30] proposed a class of multipliers that contains the Gaussian function as a special case.
It was also suggested that the distribution of the reflecting light intensity from surface roughness is a Gaussian function (Zhao et al.
Applied to the present data set, the Gaussian function yields an initial annual growth rate [DELTA]J=2.
We have emulated its performance by convolving the NIR spectra with a Gaussian function representing the filter spectral transmission.
2](R) in case of a Gaussian function or a B-spline [psi] (see Section 6.
E] for every channel in the spectrum, the result is convolved with a Gaussian function where fwhm varies according to the detector resolution as a function of energy (see Sec.
which may be called a Gaussian function since, apart from a normalization, it describes the Gaussian probability distribution.
t](xi]) with this Gaussian function and the random measuring errors.
Key words and phrases : Gaussian function, Jacobi theta-functions, generator, dual function, interpolating function, interpolation theorem, Gauss transform, exponential Sobolev space, sampling theorem