Gaussian distribution

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a theoretical distribution with finite mean and variance

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1966, On a Poisson-Inverse Gaussian Distribution, Metrika, 11: 115-121.
We have found the distributions for the distance between randomly distributed mobiles for two different assumptions: (1) the mobile locations are uniformly distributed in a rectangular area, and (2) the mobile locations have a two-dimensional Gaussian distribution.
2](x) of two independent random variables with Gaussian distribution has also Gaussian distribution
which is a Gaussian distribution N([mu], [SIGMA]) with mean and covariance given by
Because the GMM is the linear combination of K independent Gaussian distributions (or K components), the probability density function (PDF) of a Gaussian distribution is modelled as
Prediction step: therefore, this step is still a mixture of Gaussian distribution.
And this distribution is a Gaussian distribution with multivariable:
A Gaussian copula represents the joint CDF of all marginal CDFs using a multivariate Gaussian distribution.
Older laser technologies created a Gaussian distribution of intensity with decreasing energy distribution toward the perimeter of the laser field.
MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] being the density function associated with the Gaussian distribution with mean [mu] and variance [[sigma].
n] can be also viewed as the Gaussian distribution in terms of central limit theorem [9].
Commodity markets are much more dangerous than the comforting world of the Gaussian distribution allows.
Various researchers acquire Gaussian distribution to estimate RSSI uctuation [4], [5].
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