Gaussian curve

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a symmetrical curve representing the normal distribution

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The Gaussian curve is the most important statistical distribution to describe quantitative random variables.
A Gaussian curve can be easily fitted using methods such as maximum likelihood.
However, the well-documented transformation of college grades from a Gaussian curve into a stalagmite-shaped aberration (stark confirmation of rampant grade inflation) is a topic far too large for this discussion.
The program, gaussian curve fit analysis of TM (GcTm), was designed to determine Tms of amplicons by fitting gaussian curves to derivative data from dissociation analyses (Fig.
To obtain a more quantitative analysis of the distribution of pits and surface pigments in the 2D projection images, the large central peak in the pixel intensity histograms--due to the principal surface reflection--was modeled as a Gaussian curve.
The data were fit to a non linear Gaussian curve with 3 parameters;