Gaussian distribution

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a theoretical distribution with finite mean and variance

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Brownian motion is pervasive in many branches of science, including image science, and Gaussian blurs and the heat equation appear quite naturally in image analysis.
0, is the first-ever incorporation of real-time, multi-stream, 10-bit 50-pixel Gaussian Blur capability.
And XBLUR, an 844/X add-on that for the first time makes possible real-time Gaussian Blur effects, provides TXCN with additional capabilities for adding cinematic-style camera defocus effects and other creative treatments with real-time control.
Delaplaine is leveraging the speed, quality and power of 844/X, especially revolutionary new 844/X enhancements like XBLUR - the industry's first real-time 10-bit 50-pixel Gaussian Blur capability, to expand and advance the creative quality of the company's video and DVD production work.
Effects include "Blur," an incredibly fast gaussian blur that works even on large radius blurs and "Sky" a realistic simulator that controls 3D camera position, clouds, sun, haze, fog to help artists create amazing skies in After Effects.
This was due in large part to our successful attendance at the NAB tradeshow in Las Vegas where we conducted more than 100 private demonstrations of our new 844/X Version 2 software - dubbed The Finishing Release - and XBLUR - the world's first real-time, multi-stream Gaussian Blur.
0 software for the Company's award-winning 844/X family of real-time vertical editing systems--and XBLUR, the industry's first real-time 10-bit 50-pixel Gaussian Blur capability.
The sequence rendered 90 frames of video, making extensive use of the new optimized Gaussian Blur, Dolly Blur and Lens Flare using Streaming SIMD Extensions.
0 at NAB2003 (booth# SL2856), including support for XBLUR, the Company's new 844/X option for real-time four-stream 50-pixel Gaussian Blur effects, and HDX Technology ("HDX"), the Company's new 844/X technology for capturing, processing, and displaying in real time HD and SD formats on a single 844/X system.
Special processing features include: Keyframe Control for designating keyframes at regular intervals, and at edits or markers, in the Construction Window for cleaner playback and faster response rates during interactivity; Batch Movie Maker for processing multiple movies in batch mode, unattended; Frame Size Settings/Cropping for cropping frames numerically or interactively to remove unwanted pixels from movie edges, and Noise Reduction with Median and Gaussian Blur to soften edges and reduce noise on lower data rates.
NASDAQ: MDEA), a leading provider of advanced media systems, today announced XBLUR(TM) for 844/X, providing the first-ever incorporation of real-time Gaussian Blur effects in a nonlinear editing system.