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a unit of magnetic flux density equal to 1 maxwell per square centimeter

German mathematician who developed the theory of numbers and who applied mathematics to electricity and magnetism and astronomy and geodesy (1777-1855)

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I don't know any time that you can concentrate so much leverage in so few hands that it doesn't eventually impact the consumer," Gaus added.
Gaus Uddin (right) hands the pounds 700 raised to celebrate his restaurant's first year to Coun Mike Sharpe and Keith Edwards, treasurer of the League of Friends.
Phil Leveson, John Gaus and Jeff DeWeese, have done an excellent job in developing and promoting this important technology, and we intend to work with them moving forward as we continue to bring NextGen plants to market and use them ourselves in our own planned production facilities," Scozzafava said.
72 E Terasa, P Lonard (Aus), D Toms, T Watson, L Roberts, S Pate, M Brooks, J Furyk, J Haas, G Turner (Nzl), B Gaus, B Ford.
Gaus of the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research in Rockville, Md.
The new Disc Compactor offers a space-saving and stylish alternative to the existing rack and tower systems on the market today, said Douglas Gaus, company president.
During the first half of 1993 Gunter Gaus interviewed five prominent figures in his Brandenburg TV series, four from the East and one from the West, with the following net yield.
Certainly Gerald Gaus does not think this; he and I both know the difference between liking an icecream flavor(2) and liking fair play.
2008 has been a year of dramatic growth for Prolifiq," commented Jeff Gaus, president and CEO.
Systems of Innovation "As systems of record, traditional Life Sciences CRMs are good at the 'bookkeeping' functions -- recording calls, managing contacts, and tracking samples or demo equipment," states Jeff Gaus, CEO of Prolifiq.
Tenders are invited for Three (3) Gaus NOx/O2 Analyzers
Abu Dhabi: Two members of the World Karate-do Federation - UAE, Ibrahim Chaliyath and Gaus Amir Sheikh are leaving no stone unturned as they prepare to represent in the prestigious 11th World Karate Championship to be held in Tokyo, Japan from August 13-18.
The last half month of continuous operation and power sales are an important milestone in demonstrating reliability," said CEO, John Gaus.
This selection allows us to draw informative, international comparisons, because early detection is managed quite differently in the various countries -- and this affects the mindset and the knowledge of the women," said Norbert Gaus, head of the clinical products division at Siemens Healthcare.
Rita is survived by her devoted husband and partner of 63 years, George DiTerlizzi; her two sons, Frank DiTerlizzi and his wife Maureen and James DiTerlizzi and his wife Angela, all from Shrewsbury; three brothers, Lawrence Palumbo of Worcester, Frank Palumbo of Worcester and Peter Palumbo of West Boylston; two sisters, Grace Frisari of California and Margaret Mary Arena of Shrewsbury; three grandchildren Sheree Gaus, James DiTerlizzi and Melissa Deegan; two great grandchildren, Evan and Elena Gaus and many nieces and nephews.