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Embothrium coccineum, and Gaultheria mucronata, have been reported as important food items in earlier studies (Colomes, 1978; Merino, 1995; Lopez et al.
Meanwhile, boost your borders with Gaultheria x wisleyensis 'Wisley Pearl', a low-growing evergreen which produces stunning deep aubergine-coloured berries during winter.
Other groups that receive strong support include a dade containing Tepuia, Diplycosia, Gaultheria, and Pernettya (100% parjac) and Therorhodion as sister to Rhododendron + Menziesia + Diplarche.
The understory was dominated by an evergreen shrub layer of Berberis nervosa, Gaultheria shallon and Rhododendron macrophyllum.
The Johnsons were on a one-hour sightseeing flight over the northwest coast of Vancouver Island on Tuesday when their amphibious floatplane crashed into Gaultheria Lake.
Hardwoods dominate Type 5, with an overstory of Quercus coccinea above an ericaceous shrub layer of Gaylussacia baccata, Kalmia angustifolia, Gaultheria procumbens, and Vaccinium species.
If space is tight or you are only able to do container gardening but you'd like some ornamental winter berries, I'd recommend skimmia and gaultheria, both compact enough for pots, which put on a good show.
Gaultheria procumbens Red Diamond and Narcissus Tete T a Tete T I LIKE this red and yellow combo which would look quite festive as a window box - and, of course, you could have it indoors on your windowsill as well.
I hope you enjoy my winter collection - some plants, such as the Helleborous 'Ellen Red', are so beautiful they deserve a pot to themselves, as do the wonderful red-berried Gaultheria, which make a lovely gift.
In addition: Antidaphne andina, Axinaea macrophylla, Baccharis macrantha, Berberis lutea, Brachyotum setosum, Cyathea brevistipes, Disterigma acuminatum, Freziera karstemiana, Gaultheria glomerata, Geonoma weberbaueri, Gynoxys laurifolia, Hedyosmum luteynii, Hesperomeles ferruginea, Hyeronima maritziana, Ocotea infrafoveolata, Paepalanthus meridensis, Peperomia hartwegiana, Ribes andicola, Themistoclesia epiphytica, Vaccinium crenatum, Valeriana microphylla, Weinmannia cochensis, Weinmannia reticulata.
John's wort, especially in the elderly; moderate inhibitors (rhodiola, gaultheria, uva ursi), echinacea, and other mild 3A4 inhibitors appear to be safer.
Try gaultheria, a hardy, evergreen shrub with small oval glossy green leaves.