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Synonyms for Gaul

a person of French descent

a Celt of ancient Gaul

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an ancient region of western Europe that included what is now northern Italy and France and Belgium and part of Germany and the Netherlands


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This consultation is for the transport of works for the exhibition Tumult Gauls realities and representations to be held from June 20 to November 23, 2014 at Bargoin Museum and Art Roget Quillot museum.
BATTLING Gaul Asterix comes to Scotland to help unite the clans against the Romans in his latest cartoon adventure.
Newcastle United are not the first from these parts to bring in the finest recruits from France to do a job for them, and we want to get to know more about the Gauls who made the North East their home 1,800 years ago," says Dr Andrew Birley, director of excavations at Vindolanda.
One night, a soldier was awakened by the sound of the geese hissing, and going to investigate, he discovered that the Gauls were climbing the walls of the fortress
Les Gaulois', an exhibition under way at Paris' Cite des Sciences, claims that the Gauls were not forest dwellers but lived in complex towns and villages, aerial archaeology suggests, clearing woodland to raise cattle, sheep and pigs, and farming cereal.
It is clear that, at least for the Three Gauls, the elites were deliberately integrated and active in the process of 'Romanisation'.
The archaeologists who found the seals were instantly able to read the name of the Fifth Cohort of Gauls, a unit of around 500 soldiers.
This was from when the building itself burned when the Gauls sacked the city in 387 BC.
Through the eyes of these invincible Gauls, one not only discovers the country's regional and social idiosyncrasies, but an ability to laugh at oneself which lends healthy distance to potentially tense situations.
Whoever he really was, Dionisio variously styled himself or was given such titles as "messenger of the Holy Spirit," "King of the Gauls," "horseman of the Apocalypse," and other epithets with messianic overtones.
The latest collection features 14 cartoon shorts of the indomitable Gauls in action against their old foes, Julius Caesar and the entire Roman Empire.
There are 29 rides in the park, including some exclusively reserved for children and many, such as bumper chariots, for even younger Gauls.
Flintridge Prep 47, Webb 26: Summer Gray had 16 points and nine rebounds to lead the host Rebels of La Canada Flintridge (10-6, 5-0) past the Gauls of Claremont (1-9, 1-5) in Prep League play.
The Gauls starved out the Romans besieged on the Capitoline Hill, but they provided historians with some heroic legends, and Ellis gives one of them a Celtic reading: the story of Juno's geese.