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Synonyms for Gaul

a person of French descent

a Celt of ancient Gaul

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an ancient region of western Europe that included what is now northern Italy and France and Belgium and part of Germany and the Netherlands


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Mr Gaule, a father of one, was last seen on September 6, having gone missing from his home in Malahide, County Dublin.
Mr Jones confirmed that Mr Gaule had died of a suspected heart attack.
Promoter Gaule says: "Fun Buttons is an attempt to show Liverpool party people there is more going on in the cultural zeitgeist and that the current diversification in game production and underground game culture is part of this moment.
However, since De Gaule brought in presidential system, it is debatable, he added.
l The De Gaule highway near the Lebanese Expatriate Statue / the naval base/BIEL/ Normandi-Charles Helou Highway from the Karanteena bridge near the Forum De Beirut to Saifi, George Haddad road, Fouad Chehab and Charles Malek highways, the two ways of the Saleem Salam bridge, the upper side of the Hawd al-Wilaya bridge, Fakhreddine Street from Phoenicia Hotel to its intersection with Spears Street, Spears Street, Clemenceau Street, Ibn Seena Street, Mina Al-Hosn street, Foch and Allenby streets.
Summary: Rabat - Because of the ongoing strike of Servisair employees, which started on October 14, Morocco's flag carrier (RAM) has redirected most of its flight for Orly to Charles de Gaule airport in Paris.
de Herberay, em que o poeta Mellin de Saint-Gelais rende homenagem ao poeta renascentista como o primeiro tradutor de Amadis de Gaule.
A knight's game, "The Adventure at the Chateau Tenebreux," inspired from Amadis de Gaule, marketed Philip as the ideal knight, Beltenbros, who would free the enchanted castle from the evil Norabroc, his chivalric mission accomplished with the aid of a jeweled enchanted sword, ornately decorated with a relief of David beheading Goliath (unpublished 1553 inventory, Simancas).
This is the volume to consult if you want to discover more about Marchangy's La Gaule poetique (pp.
There were two options companies had: If you did not have guaranteed life benefits you could follow an 'Alternative Methodology' laid out in the instructions," said Vice President and Actuary Tim Gaule of Security Benefit Life Insurance Co.
The theory of translation in the sixteenth century; analyzing Nicholas Herberay des Essarts' Amadis de Gaule.
30am on the Sunday morning, landing at a wet Charles de Gaule with plenty of time to get into the city and find our hotel before the 1pm start.
Nuns started brightly winning a second minute penalty which Jody Peacock had no difficulty in converting but Park replied two minutes later when some sloppy defensive play from Nuns let Park scrumhalf David Gaule through to go over in the corner.
After Peacock's first-minute penalty Rosslyn Park quickly replied with a try by scrum-half David Gaule when they had launched a wide attack and recycled the ball.
Peacock gave the visitors a perfect start with a penalty before Rosslyn Park hit back with a David Gaule try.