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a person of French descent

a Celt of ancient Gaul

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an ancient region of western Europe that included what is now northern Italy and France and Belgium and part of Germany and the Netherlands


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In this "penetrating examination" (New York Times), Gaul tours top-tier campuses, interviews administrators and coaches, and scours financial statements and other documentation.
There hasn't been a group on this scale visiting North Shields since the Gaul was lost in 1974," said Supt Dade.
Above, with the plaque to remember the Gaul, at North |Shields, Brian Chambers, Peter Dade and Henry Howard
Gaul qualified her point, stressing that it's impossible to know for certain whether or not these women were aborting pregnancies, but being aware of the medicinal roles played by these flowers alters our understanding of the text.
Roman players will have trouble with the tribes as they rebel and form alliances, and players who have chosen to play as barbarians will have to face Rome's heavy intervention forces from Gaul.
shoots in 2012, France continued to be increasingly attractive to productions arriving from China, India and Russia, many of which were not eligible for the tax rebate (as their expenditures in Gaul were under el million).
Despite all their efforts, the curators concede that the exhibition is unlikely to change the Asterix image of Gaul.
The base of the statue carries a verse inscription: La Gaule unie/ Formant une seule nation/ Animee d'un mdme esprit,/ Peut defier l'Univers (United Gaul forming a single nation, animated by a common spirit, can defy the Universe).
Polfer will take the audience back to the three centuries following the conquest of Gaul by Julius Caesar (50 B.
Richmond's book belonged to a time of decolonisation, when the Roman empire was seen as a model for the British empire, much as Gaul (and the French Empire) was portrayed in J.
Current Chapter President David Gaul presented the award at a half-day chapter educational program, "U.
In To Marry an Indian: The Marriage of Harriett Gold and Elias Boudinot in Letters, 1823-1839, Theresa Strouth Gaul presents us with a fascinating glimpse into the life of an interracial couple whose proposed marriage was so scandalous to Gold's hometown of Cornwall, Connecticut, that Harriet's brother burned their images in effigy.
Germans and Huns alike then moved en masse westward and into Gaul, a further immigration that again diluted the empire's rule.
The expression "crossing the Rubicon" (making a commitment for which there is no turning back) is usually attributed to Julius Caesar's crossing that river from Gaul to Italy in 49 BC against the orders of the Roman Senate.
These centers cut down on wait time to see a doctor and provide accessibility to everyone, said Linda Gaul, manager of senior care services for Providence Health System San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valley.