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a person of French descent

a Celt of ancient Gaul

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an ancient region of western Europe that included what is now northern Italy and France and Belgium and part of Germany and the Netherlands


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The Anaris was travelling from Murmansk to Rotterdam with a cargo of iron ore in February 1974 when she sailed close to the stricken Gaul in the Barents Sea the inquiry in Hull was told yesterday.
Part 3, `Towards new horizons', begins with an account of the evolution of the parish in Gaul and the British Isles.
Gaul explains how scandals like these are raising fresh questions about the honesty and security of a "freewheeling" industry that operates outside of U.
He made his film directorial debut at Sundance with The Dying Gaul, which he adapted from his own play.
Mr Kirby, a former chief inspector of Humberside Police, who was heavily involved in the investigations into the Gaul during his 25 years as an officer with the force, was chosen to take part in the investigation by Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott.
Attorney General Lord Goldsmith said a theory that the Gaul got snagged on a secret underwater cable would be looked at.
I don't think Caesar was the dictator they thought he was going to be, but they were certainly afraid of him after all his military victories in Gaul,'' he said.
James Gaul was also appointed as an additional portfolio manager for the Fund.
CARLOW: K Kehoe; A Corcoran, S Kavanagh, J O'Hara; E Coady, D Kavanagh (0-1f), R Coady; E Nolan, J Kavanagh (0-1); P Kehoe (1-2, 1-1f), M Brennan, R Dunbar; A Gaul, E Byrne (0-1), A McDonald Subs: K McCabe for E Byrne, A Brennan for A McDonald, HP O'Byren (0-1) for A Gaul, B Doyle for R Dunbar
The Sandon's general manager, David Gaul, said CCTV footage of the incident had now been examined and would be made available to police if they requested it.
The key to this new service is flexibility," said Patrick Gaul, President and CEO of VIA USA.
Sandra Chisolm was only 12 when her dad John was lost in 1974 with 35 other crew on the Hull-based trawler Gaul.
February 8, 1974: Trawler Gaul sank in the Barents Sea off northern Norway, during bad weather.
February 8, 1974: Gaul sank in the Barents Sea off northern Norway, during bad weather.