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French Post-impressionist painter who worked in the South Pacific (1848-1903)


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Children Wrestling, Paul Gauguin, Pont-Aven, France, 1888
Gauguin keeps the eye moving to the background through ovals of decreasing size until we notice the figure kneeling in the next room.
Van Gogh, a Dutch ministers son, and Gauguin, who spent his early childhood in Peru, differed not only in upbringing and character but also in artistic style.
It had taken the 35-year-old Dutchman five months to persuade the impoverished, 40-year-old Gauguin, who had abandoned his wife and five children for his art and joined him in 1888 in what van Gogh hoped was the start of a stimulating new artists' colony.
In art as in life, Gauguin was nothing if not presumptuous about posterity.
GAUGUIN left his wife and five children in Paris in the 1890s to head to Tahiti, hoping to find a paradise where he could create pure art.
Gauguin, best known for his Tahitian paintings, was a friend of Vincent van Gogh and a major influence on Picasso and Matisse.
Post-impressionist artist Gauguin is thought to have given the 1884 painting to its first owner, a local politician in Rouen, France, shortly after its completion.
The question of the last two chapters is whether we readers are like Gauguin in this respect--not because of our own moral failings, but because of the indefensible impersonal conditions which make the attachments we have possible.
There are neither carnivores nor reptiles in Tahiti," JL wrote Paul Gauguin in his journal Noa Noa.
One of the artists who acutely felt the need to go beyond the European sources of inspiration was Paul Gauguin.
uk Collecting Gauguin exhibition, Courtauld Gallery, Somerset House, London.
Pleasant Holidays has announced that it has started the sale of Paul Gauguin Cruises in French Polynesia, with journeys beginning from Los Angeles.
Paul Gauguin found the tropical islands of the area to be a romantic paradise, he was in contact with clear blue lagoons, beautiful people with exquisite manners, and in the book Noa-Noa illustrated with his drawings and paintings, Gauguin uses the word "bonheur" frequently.
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