General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

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a United Nations agency created by a multinational treaty to promote trade by the reduction of tariffs and import quotas

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Moore: The GATT Treaty allowed foreign owners of films that had never been copyrighted in the U.
The treaty negotiated during the Uruguay Round, the GATT treaty of 1994, established the WTO--the international institution to govern trade that was first visualized by the attendees of the Bretton Woods Conference 50 years earlier.
71) The United States rejected several European proposals for a weak subsidies code, (72) and the final GATT treaty was signed and ratified without explicitly dealing with civil aircraft production.
If the country is not listed in FAR Part 25 as having signed the GATT treaty then they are not allowed to do business under the TAA.
261) It pointed out that the "primarily aimed at" phrase the Panel used is not language contained within the GATT treaty and is therefore not a litmus test for the inclusion or exclusion of measures from Article XX(g).
Recent talk about the possibility of holding a new round of negotiations to expand the coverage of the GATT Treaty provides a clear example.