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either of two amphibious reptiles related to crocodiles but with shorter broader snouts

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com) since 2000, commercially harvesting gators and guiding hunts.
Mohnani gave the Gators the lead with 47 seconds left, before finding Asswani for a triple to seal the crown.
Gators hate noise, and any water hitting the sides of the boat ca ii ruin a hunt.
The Gators will play UConn or Michigan State in Arlington, Texas, in the national semifinal.
GATOR BOYS premieres every Monday to Friday at 10 pm, only on Discovery Channel.
Like most new items it sometimes takes a little while to get off the ground," said Terry White, manager of the south Eugene True Value store, which has carried the Grout Gator for the past several months.
I have no experience with gators and don't pretend to be able to judge them, but Hoppy has taken hundreds, and he was excited.
ISGN's partnership with Medallion Analytics enables Gators customers to significantly reduce the time to create the HUD form while lowering overhead costs and improving quality.
The Spackler features a unique toe bumper and the exclusive Golf Gators Steady OutsoleTM designed provide lateral support and stability for even the biggest hitter.
Donovan and his Gators arefocused on the task at hand, trying to work up some serious interest in defeating an Ohio State team they already pummeled by 26points in December.
We had already watched and approached numerous gators when Swartely noticed one in shallow water near the bank, among some sunken trees and lily pads.
And that spells good news for gators, which can't survive in areas of extremely poor water quality, according to studies done by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.
The owners of Lil Gators of Little Rock and the floating Gators Bar & Grill of North Little Rock have filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy protection.
a provider of real estate information research and report generation services for the title and mortgage servicing industries, announced the successful completion of a joint effort to integrate its property data into General American Corporation's GATORS settlement services tracking system.
These impacts in Lake Apopka's animals had been chronicled only in adolescent and adult gators.