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an early form of machine gun having several barrels that fire in sequence as they are rotated

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Gatling never stopped applying his mind to mechanical challenges for the next 85 years.
The second model of 1862, used 58-caliber copper-cased rimfire cartridges inserted again into steel chamber tubes, and it was not until the Model of 1865 that Gatling perfected a reciprocating breech bolt that would load, fire, extract and eject self-contained cartridges.
The last Gatling was the Model 1903-06, chambered initially for the .
One of the most interesting and commercially successful models ever fielded by Gatling was the Model 1877 Bulldog.
I thought over the subject, and finally this idea took practical form in the invention of the Gatling Gun.
Gatling patented his repeater during the Civil War in late 1862.
With the emergence of the self-contained cartridge, it was possible to improve the Gatling Gun even more.
Calibers varied, as did feed mechanisms and various internal and external details, but on the whole, the average Gatling was a pretty good-size hunk of ordnance, mounted on an artillery-style carriage and featuring exposed barrels with a crank located on the right side of the rear action housing.
Piper's BB Gatlings sport 10 barrels clustered around a central axis.
A long dummy magazine fits in a cavity atop the receiver and merely mimics the look of the cartridge magazine used in many of the early military Gatlings.
Fortunately for those of us who enjoy sending hails of BBs downrange in our own backyards, there is a recently marketed version of the legendary Gatling machine gun, capable of spitting out lots of BBs powered by either compressed air or C[O.